Ten Must-See Spots on New Zealand’s North Island

Kia Ora! New Zealand is a beautiful, picturesque country with so many activities and sites to explore. That’s why we completely understand if you’re feeling overwhelmed about your choices of places to visit. We’ve compiled a list of the top ten must-see spots when visiting New Zealand’s North Island. Famous for its volcanic activity, outstanding national parks, and multicultural cities, there’s bound to be something for every type of traveler.

1. Mount Maunganui Summit Track. Invest in some quality hiking boots to take advantage of the stunning tracks available around the island. The Mount Maunganui summit track will take around 1.5 hours and you need to be in good physical shape, but the views when you reach the top are absolutely breathtaking.

2. Tongariro Alpine Crossing. While you’re in the hiking mood, make sure not to miss the 19.4km hike into the volcanic atmosphere. Tongariro alpine crossing, often referred to as one of New-Zealand’s best day hikes, could have you thinking you’re on a different planet.

3. Orakei Korako geothermal reserve park. Spend a day at arguably the best thermal area left in the whole country. From colourful silica terraces to bubbling mud pools and gushing geysers, take your time strolling across amazing geothermal walkways and soaking up the atmosphere.

4. Mount Manaia Track. Take a walk through the Mount Manaia track for unspoilt views of Bream Bay, Hauraki Gulf to the south, Whangarei Harbour to the west, the Poor Knights Islands, and Northland coast to the north. This is one of the easier tracks and is also suitable for children.

5. Tiritiri Matangi Island. This island is a nature lover’s paradise. Prepare to be serenaded by birdsong throughout your day strolling around this beautiful native forest. Hobbs Beach is a ten minute walk from the wharf and an ideal spot for a picnic or a swim on a warm day.

6. Auckland Botanic Gardens. When in Auckland be sure to visit the Botanic Gardens. They cover 64 hectares and are home to over 10,000 plants from all around the world. Stunning lakes, an on-site café, free parking, and an edible garden are some of the highlights you can enjoy when you spend a tranquil day here.

7. Mount Paku. Mt Paku in Tairua is a volcanic peak growing up between the southern end of Tairua Beach and the Tairua harbour mouth. Paku erupted eight million years ago and offers some gorgeous volcanic sites. Be sure to visit just before sunset for an exceptional view.

8. Matamata. Lord of the Rings fan? Join a guided tour of Hobbiton at Matamata! Home to over than 44 distinctive hobbit holes, as well as Bag End – Bilbo Baggins House! Wander through the heart of the Shire and listen to the interesting commentary of how it was all created. You can see this spectacular area as part of a New Zealand north island tour.

9. Tauranga. Visit Tauranga and book a kayaking glow worm tour for an unforgettable, unique experience. Enjoy local wine and cheese before embarking on the lake at twilight to view the spectacular glow worms on the side of a high canyon.

10. Huka Falls. Walk across a footbridge over a rushing white-water pool and witness the phenomenon of natural hydro power as the powerful 220,000 litres per second waterfall gushes above you.

Portugal tourist attraction

Things to do in Portugal

Europe’s one of the most visited country is Portugal. It is located on Iberian peninsula’s  western coast. It has favorable climatic conditions, great tourist attraction places and is pretty affordable. Starting from the vineyards to the verdant mountains, you can also see glamorous beaches and archipelagos of Madeira and Azores which has beautiful gardens with flowers and landscapes, making it one of the best holiday destinations. To make your trip easy, we have ranked the Portugal tourist attraction.

Portugal tourist attraction


The capital of Portugal is the best Portugal Tourist Attraction. It stretches along Tagus River’s bank near the Atlantic Ocean. There are seven steep hills with quaint shops, alluring alleys, Gothic cathedrals, colorful neighborhoods, impressive bridges and traditional fado music. The weather is warm and very enchanting. The oldest district in the city is Moorish quarter which is pretty old called Alfama. It is one of the mesmerizing spots due to the maze of the streets made of cobblestone, St. George’s Castle and the rustic architecture. You can take any of the vintage trams like Tram 28 and visit the gardens, historic quarters and the main Portugal Tourist Attraction places.

Portugal tourist attraction


This Portugal Tourist Attraction place has a sunny Mediterranean climate, picturesque towns, gorgeous beaches, historic sites and at affordable costs, you can have your fabulous cuisine.  You can see traditional whitewashed villages, olive groves which have tranquil landscapes, the wild coast that has dramatic cliffs and summer resorts in it. Lagos have an amazing nightlife and don’t miss visiting Silves that has orange groves in loops and red sandstone castle. You can also see Renaissance bridges, monuments, and castles in this elegant town.

Portugal tourist attraction


An old fortified wall surrounds this Portugal Tourist Attraction place which is situated on the hilltop of western Portugal’s central region. The historic center and magnificent castle of the medieval times make Obidos so popular. The streets are narrow and made of cobblestones. It has quaint shops, amazing cafes, and whitewashed houses which has colorful flowers on the balcony. The castle itself has huge gates, commanding edifice, and battlements and towers.

Portugal tourist attraction


If you want to have a view of verdant hills, royal retreats, pretty villas,  castles and beautiful palaces, welcome to this Portugal Tourist Attraction place. The Pena’s Palace is an amazing palace that has memories of Neuschwanstein of Germany. It has forested parklands in its surroundings which have plants, exotic trees and flowers. Don’t miss a visit to Castle of the Moors and Monserrate Palace that has beautiful tropical gardens.


This Portugal Tourist Attraction is also known as “Floating Garden of the Atlantic which has flower gardens, lush green landscapes, and wines. Laurissilva Forest has the largest laurel concentration in the world. Orchid Garden is also one of the most popular Portugal Tourist Attraction places. The capital of Madeira is Funchal and has fortresses, historic churches, restaurants,  tourist resorts and Lido Promenade, with amazing ocean views.

Portugal tourist attraction


You must have heard this Portugal Tourist Attraction which is famous for fine port wine. The pedestrian zone is calm and charming with the river place buzzing in great live music, restaurants, cafes.

Portugal tourist attraction

Things to Do in Fiji

The friendliest island in the world, Fiji is one of the most beautiful islands you will see and a perfect holiday destination ideas with your loved ones. There are white-sand beaches, jungle waterfalls, and coconut, palm trees. The people in Fiji are very tourist friendly and amazing. From Viti Levu to Nadi to Mamanucas there are beautiful places in Fiji. To make your trip easier, we will rank the Fiji attractions so that you can visit them.

Fiji attractions

Viti Levu

The official capital of Fiji, Suva and tourist capital, Nadi where all the international flights coming via Air Pacific lands are both in this  Fiji attraction place, Viti Levu. As soon as you land, book a taxi from Nadi International Airport and visit the  Garden of the Sleeping Giant, which is located in the  Sabeto Range’s forested foothills. The  Garden of the Sleeping Giant is a botanic sanctuary having  Zen-like lily ponds and vanilla-scented orchids. You can also stay in the Fiji Orchid resort. There are six elegant Fijian-style bungalows called bures which has tent-like roof and glass roofs.

Fiji attractions


If you want to pick up some Fijian things, welcome to this Fiji attraction place. The open-air market holds traditional Fijian crafts like hand-painted saris, wooden kava bowls, and scepter-like cannibal forks. Sri Siva Subramaniya Swami Temple is a beautifully painted Hindu temple. Don’t miss having an Indo-Fijian feast that has spiced roti and fish curry.



If you want to view this Fiji Attraction place, it is advisable to have a tour in a helicopter from Nadi International Airport to the islands of Mamanuca. You can see many islets that are stretching from Vitu Levu for miles. Don’t miss watching Monuriki, which was made famous by Tom Hanks in Castaway. Also, watch them on a multi-day cruise for the best experiences.


Ever seen people fire-walking? Visit this Fiji Attraction place. It is located on the southern coast of Vitu Levu. It has many dives sites and boat rides for 5-20 mins in the shore. You can see ghost pipefish, blue ribbon eels, pelagics, and seahorses etc. It is where the Sawau tribes live who master in fire-walking, the traditional culture. Make sure you visit  Lalati Resort and Spa and have a look at the fire-walking ceremony where you can see people walking over embers from earth oven.

Fiji attractions

Vanua Levu

There are beautiful resorts and stellar beaches in this Fiji Attraction place. You can also see the traditional life in the villages. A must do thing in Fiji is kava drinking in Nukubaluvu Village and take part in gift-giving or sevu-sevu ceremony. Don’t miss dancing with the grass-skirted warriors who do a wild traditional and mesmerizing dance.


Do you know Justin Hunter? The person who spent past decade to cultivate amazing and unique pearls in the Savusavu Bay’s pristine water. You can find them in a lot of resorts and stores in this Fiji Attraction place. You can also have a bath here. The sight is the beautiful and absolute pleasure to eyes to see the water in the bay.

Fiji attractions

France attractions

Top Tourist Attractions In France

France has most beautiful and exciting holiday destination ideas. The Côte d’Azur’s great seaside resorts and the beautiful scenery makes a must visit France. You can view soaring cathedrals, fairy-tale castles and picture-perfect villages in France attractions. Starting from Eiffel Tower to Louvre Museum to the beautiful Palace of Versailles. Don’t miss having the gourmet meal to French gastronomy which is a great cultural heritage in France attractions. The French Alps is also a must visit. To make it easier for you, let us rank the top France attractions.

Musee du Louvre

Time – Half Day to Full Day

France attractions

The museum of Musee du Louvre should be in the list of must visit France attractions places. Some of the masterpieces are like “The Raft of Medusa” – Théodore Géricault, “Liberty of Leading the People” – Eugene Delacroix, “Mona Lisa” – Leonardo da Vinci which is the main attraction. The amazing masterpieces along with 30,000 artworks from different periods and cultures are just magnificent and delight to eyes.

Eiffel Tower

Time to Spend – 1 to 2 hours

France attractions

How can this be not included in the list of France attractions places? Eiffel tower was one of those temporary structures which were meant to be forever. It has got transmission talents like with flying colors the towers used to pass. You can have amazing panoramic views of Paris from the top. The view of Paris skyline is irreplaceable and worth it. You can also have a trek during the night. Don’t forget to have a meal at Jules Verne’s restaurant.

Palace of Versailles

This is an opulent palace which was a small hunting lodge of  Louis XIV’s father. The “Sun King” converted it to this France Attraction places and it has a sumptuous Baroque interior. The Baroque facade is elegant and the interior is lavishing which was created by architect Jules Hardouin-Mansart. The courtiers are used to wait for the king with an audience in the famous Hall of Mirrors.

France attractions

Whenever sunlight enters the hall, it shines and you can see the ornamental mirrors. The French garden has trimmed shrubbery, decorative pools, and amazing fountains. There is Marie-Antoinette’s hamlet where the queen visited to dress like a peasant so that she could escape the court life.

Côte d’Azur

The coastline is filled with glamour and is one of the best France Attraction places. The Côte d’Azur is starting from  Saint-Tropez to near the Italy border Menton. You can find worshippers and beach lovers here. There are luxury yachts and beautiful magnificent and luxurious villas here.

France attractions

You can visit the stellar art museums and have a panoramic sea view. Cannes is famous for the legendary hotels and the film festivals having the best celebrities.

Mont Saint-Michel

You can see this France Attraction place on the Normandy’s coast rising out of the sea. It is one of the most visited landmarks. The base is a rocky islet and is surrounded by bastions and walls.

France attractions

You can walk on the sands during low tides. It is one of the most pilgrimage destinations in France Attraction and is the most serene place you will visit.

Texas Tourism

Tourist Attractions in Texas

With a lot of cultural attractions, natural assets Texas Tourism are one of the best holiday destinations. There are a lot of landscapes, canyons, mountains and coastal sceneries along the Gulf of Mexico. The famous San Antonio’s superb River Walk, the museums and galleries like Fort Worth, Dallas is not to be missed. Let us see the main places to be included in Texas Tourism.

US State

The Alamo

One of the most important historic sites in Texas Tourism is the Alamo located on the San Antonio’s Easter outskirts. By 1836, it was a fort. Franciscans started building it in 1744. During the times of Texan War of Independence, it became very famous as when 3000 superior Mexican armies came to attack Texas, the small force barricaded and saved them here.

President Kennedy and the Sixth Floor Museum, Dallas

President John F. Kennedy was shot dead by firing from the Texas School Book Depository’s sixth floor in Dallas. The red tall building has now turned into a museum where the detailed explanation of how the assassination took place and legacy of Kennedy is given. The campaign and the term of the president are also highlighted along with historic photos, footages, and artifacts. John Fitzgerald Kennedy Memorial is also a Texas Tourism must visit which is a monument which is dedicated to President Kennedy.

Texas Tourism

Space Centre Houston

It is one of the most popular attractions of Texas Tourism which has NASA’s Lyndon B. Johnson Space Centre and Mission Control which is the center of control of the space flights of the company. There are models, film shows, exhibits, astronaut-related artifacts which show the operations which take place in the largest space programs in the world. In the Visitor Centre, there is also a sample which displays the moon rock. There are also objects which were collected during space programs made to Mercury, Apollo, and Gemini. You can also experience space simulator, dress up like astronauts and also watch real rockets.

Texas Tourism

Big Bend National Park

It has three different zones which include the Chios Mountains, the valley of the Rio Grande and Chihuahuan Desert’s desolate landscape. You can view 400 different species of birds and 1,100 varied species of plants in this Texas tourism place. There are hiking trails of 240 miles that have Lost Mine Trail which is 5 miles long and Window Trail along the Chisos Mountains which is 17 miles long. The Rio Grande has three canyons- Santa Elena Canyons, the Mariscal, and Boquillas.

Texas Tourism

San Antonio’s Spectacular River Walk

The best restaurants, shopping centers, attractions, and hotels are in this Texas tourism place. It stretches along the San Antonio River for several miles. It is below the street level and in the pedestrian walkway, you can feel the wind of the river. You can also try river cruise upstream and return back from where you have started. Stop there for a bite and visit the museum. There are a lot of craft shows, festivals and popular art shows taking place here. Make sure you see one of them.

Texas Tourism