The Best Things to Try Out and Enjoy in Portugal

There are ample interesting and exciting things to do in Portugal. This is a South European country located at the base of the Iberian Peninsula. The place shares the border with Spain. The place is located close to the Atlantic Ocean and is much influenced by various cultural aspects.

things to do in Portugal

Among the things to do in Portugal, you can enjoy the national cuisines of the place. These are like a grilled sardine and salted cod. You even have the Algarve Beach to visit and enjoy by heart. In Portugal, you can have a glimpse of the special architecture and these belong to the period from 1500 to 1800.

  • Oceanário de Lisboa, Lisbon

In Portugal, one of the best places to visit is Oceanário de Lisboa, Lisbon. There are various things to do in Portugal and this one is sure to top the list. This is a must-see attraction you can visit with your friends and families. Oceanarium is extremely popular and here you get to see most of the oceanic creatures.

things to do in Portugal

There are listed things to do in Portugal. As part of the list, you can enjoy a tour at Oceanarium. Once you enter, you can see the various collections of fish and the rest of the marine animals.

  • Kayaking at the Lisbon Coast

Among the things to do in Portugal, you can go for Kayaking on the Lisbon Coast. This is the sort of rewarded maritime excursion. This also includes the perfect sightseeing experience. You can paddle along the coastline and you have the best excuse for exercising in the salt-laced and the pristine ambiance.

things to do in Portugal

Kayaking is one of the best things to do in Portugal. Lisbon shares the close proximity to the ocean. For the reason, you can enjoy the array of water sports. You would love to walk along the beaches and the bays, and you can even visit the coves for that untitled exciting experience.

  • Convento do Cristo, Tomar

When discussing the things to do in Portugal, one can mention about the visit to the place of Convento do Cristo, Tomar. Tomar is known to be the mighty and popular castle and this can perfectly shield the Convento de Cristo.

A visit to the place is one of the best things to do in Portugal. The place proves to be the stand out attraction in Portugal. The castle was founded in the year 1160, and this is known to be a headquarter of the Knights Templar.

  • Hiking the Gerês Mountain Range

It would be a pleasure hiking the Gerês Mountain Range in Portugal. There are lots of things to do in Portugal, and it would not be a bad idea to go for hiking. In fact, the mountain range of Serra do Gerês, is known for its breathtaking beauty.

things to do in Portugal

Among the things to do in Portugal, you can move up the mountain way to enjoy the best view of the region. You would love the view of the granite peaks and this helps in defining the character and nature of the extensive National Park based in the mountainous region.

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