7 Things to See in and Around Dover, England

Broadly known not a common through city between the United Kingdom and mainland Europe, there is entirely more to Dover than the way that it’s a takeoff point for trips over the channel. The city is loaded with historical, social and common destinations that are frequently neglected by travelers avid to get to the next side. From hundreds of years old castles to the popular chalk-white precipices, here are 7 motivations to set aside a few minutes to investigate this city (and its encompassing regions) before or after your next channel crossing:

1.Richborough Roman Fort

Around 25 km North of Dover, in the heart of the East Kent bogs, lies Richborough Roman Fort. The fortress was implicit the third century, yet remains an imperative historic point of both the starting and end of Roman principle in the zone (43 AD– 410 AD). The site contains the remains of a triumphal curve that is conjectured to have been raised to stamp the spot of the underlying Roman arriving in 43 AD, and soon thereafter Richborough was a tidal pond island connected to the terrain by a highway. This environment built up it as a perfect intrusion point and army installation for the Romans in Southern Britain. Today, the fortification is available day by day from 10 am-6 pm, and guests can look at the 18 exceptionally old stone dividers that stamp the external edge of the stronghold, find out about Roman occupation in the site’s exhibition hall, and even take a pontoon ride from adjacent Sandwich see the range as the Romans would have when they initially landed.richborough_roman_fort_header


2.Dover Museum

Found in the heart of the town, the Dover Museum is among the most established in the province (made 1836) and houses a great gathering of records and ancient rarities of the noteworthy port. Spread more than three stories, guests can look at displays historical the city’s history from the working of Roman fortresses to the making of staggering Saxon jewelry. The most as of late made display, the Dover Bronze Age Boat exhibition is the undisputed highlight of the gallery, showcasing not just components of the bronze age in the zone, additionally the exhuming and safeguarding of the well known Dover pontoon, the most established known nautical watercraft on the planet. For those on a period crunch yet inspired by finding out about the range, the exhibition hall is the ideal spot to get a broad measurements of neighborhood history all in one advantageous area.

3.Deal Castle

Fourteen km straight up the A258 interstate (and a decent place to stop on course to Richborough Roman Fort) is Deal Castle, an extraordinarily very much protected (and magnificent looking!) sixteenth century gunnery palace. Appointed by Henry VIII, the waterfront post is one of the soonest and finest in the string of beach front safeguards found along England’s south drift, and guests today can investigate every last bit of the property, from the store rooms to the bastions. The site likewise incorporates an intuitive show itemizing the mansion’s history, a sound voyage through the building and officer’s quarters and a staggering two km waterfront walkway to close-by Walmer Castle (another seaside resistance fortification).

4.Roman Painted House

The Roman Painted House is a fantastic fascination (don’t be put off by the outside) that comprises of a historical center like structure worked over the exhumed stays of a Roman house going back 1800 years. Archeologists have verified that the house was inherent around 200 AD, simply outside the dividers of the Classis Britannica maritime fortification, and was later halfway wrecked by the Roman armed force in the development of a greater stronghold. To the pleasure of the Kent Archeological Rescue Unit, 3 rooms in the first house remained moderately unharmed and were saved under the stronghold’s establishments. Today, the site amazements guests as they investigate the antiquated demolishes and wonder about the novel safeguarding of more than 400 square feet of Roman painted mortar and parts of 26 boards portraying craftsmanship identifying with the Roman God of wine, Bacchus.

5. Dover Castle

Open every day from 9:30 am to 6 pm, a visit to Dover Castle is a generally and socially animating trip for the entire family. Seeing nine centuries of history, with essentialness to everything from Roman standard to the Cold War, the numerous things to investigate here effortlessly bring about an entire day remain. Guests can look at the remaining parts of one of the most established beacons on the planet, the Roman Pharos and afterward jump over nearby to the Anglo-Saxon church St. Mary in Castro before investing hours wandering through the château itself and wondering about the Medieval insides and twisting underground passages. Quick sending to the twentieth century, guests can see the points of interest of WWI Fire Command Post when the mansion served as the city’s military home office and the shocking mystery WWII passages and underground healing facility delved profound into the zone’s chalk-white bluffs. The site additionally offers a few bistros to keep you empowered and different sound and visual visits to supplement the numerous attractions on the property.


6. South Foreland Lighthouse

Only 6 km from the heart of Dover, the Victorian South Foreland Lighthouse has turned into a notorious point of interest of the locale’s White Cliffs. Found on the precipice side zone known as The Front in St. Margaret’s Bay, the beacon gives an awesome outside journey appropriate for all ages. Guests can ascend to the exceptionally top of the structure to encounter unparalleled perspectives of the bluffs and encompassing regions and find out about the system that permitted the site to be the principal beacon on the planet to blaze electric light. The property likewise gives kites and recreations to outside family satisfaction, and in addition access to the previous beacon manager’s house, now a tea, cake and sandwich shop called Mrs. Knott’s Tea Room.

7. White Cliffs

Whether from the green top or the shoreline beneath (in a few ranges) seeing the white precipices in individual is the highlight of any visit to Dover. From high above guests get clearing perspectives of the English Channel, with perceivability on a sunny morning extending the distance to the French coast. From the shoreline or water underneath, you get amazing perspectives of the towering chalk-white bluffs, a famous picture experienced by such a large number of all through history as they drew closer the memorable port city.


Budget-friendly Ideas for Long-term Travelers Overseas

Budget-friendly Ideas for Long-term Travelers Overseas

Bound with their tight schedule at work, most people only have a few days or weeks annually for a vacation that they often spend going overseas. However, there are also some travelers who are more fortunate to spend a longer time staying in their desired travel destination abroad. When it comes to long-term traveling, seasoned traveler Giovanni Dubois said that “[it] is not for everyone. It’s not really a vacation, but more of a lifestyle.” Long-term traveling requires preparation, planning and budgeting ideas to survive this journey.

Among the most important things that long-term travelers need to understand is how to manage their budget for their vacation. Since they will be staying overseas, where exchange rate can affect the value of their money, tourists need to be mindful of their expenses and stick to their budget. Read on below to find out important tips for long-term travelers abroad in managing their budget.

Budget-friendly Ideas for Long-term Travelers Overseas 2Photo Credit: pshegubj via Compfight cc

Get a budget plan

The initial step you need to learn when budgeting for your upcoming trip is by having a concrete plan to understand where most of your money goes. Apart from researching about the cost you must spend on accommodation, food, activities, etc., tourists need to learn how to prioritize to better spend their money on important things. “It’s all about prioritizing where you spend your vacation dollars and taking advantage of great deals,” said Eileen Ogintz, creator of takingthekids.com. Set the right amount for hotel, food, trip, flight and excess travel money depending on the length of your vacation.

Avoid travel agents

Most travelers make the mistake of hiring agents to plan their trip. If you are really into sticking to your budget, then you will need to avoid transacting with a middle man. A post about paying less for a flight and hotel mentioned that “It’s time to take on the booking responsibilities yourself.” Although travel agents may give you ‘cheap fares’ and a ‘budget-friendly hotel stay,’ they are still making a commission out of it. Experts suggest that you give yourself more time to plan your trip to be able to get the best and cheapest flight and accommodation, especially during off season.

Budget-friendly Ideas for Long-term Travelers Overseas 3Photo Credit: thekevinchang via Compfight cc

Pick the right accommodation

If you are staying for a long time overseas, renting a space in a hotel will no longer be a viable option. There are cheaper accommodation for long-term travelers, such as couch surfing or house sitting. It is free, so long as you are comfortable living in a stranger’s house while in a foreign land during your vacation. Some house sitting options offer payment to those willing to look over the house while the owners’ are away, as some would request to look over their furry friends. If this fits your traveling lifestyle, then you can save a lot (and even earn a bit) while you are on a vacation.

Learn how to cook

While ‘culinary tourism’ has now become a trend among many travelers, it’s not smart to spend most of your budget on food if you are staying there for a long time. The best way to stay healthy and stick to your shoestring budget is by hitting the nearest supermarket and making use of the hostel kitchen to cook your meals. But, you must learn a few easy recipes that you can bring in your trip, such as the ones listed by Go Euro. There are also apps that you can install on your phone that can help you whip a delicious meal while you are staying abroad.


Featured Image Courtesy to : LearningLark via Compfight cc


Travel Spotlight: Semarang, Indonesia

The travel bug can hit at any time. One moment you are going through your daily routine as usual. The next? Your mind is racing. Your heart is pounding. You need to break free and see the world. Sound familiar? If the travel bug has taken over your every thought…. then it is time to start planning. Semarang, Indonesia is the perfect spot for your next getaway. It boasts stunning views, a rich culture, and one of a kind experiences. Ready to find out more? Then keep reading. Here is everything you need to know about Semarang.


Semarang: The Essentials

Semarang is a truly unique place. It is located in the northern part of Central Java in Indonesia. With a population of over 1.5 million people, this city is both a hotspot for business and tourism. There are many reasons to plan a visit here. Like the architecture, for instance. It has a little bit of everything, from Dutch colonial buildings to Chinatown areas, and unique kampong (villages). How can you get to Semarang? There is the Achmad Yani International Airport, which is located near the city centre. Or you can arrive via another destination by train, bus, or boat. The choice is yours! As for accommodations…. there are plenty of fantastic options. That’s right. It doesn’t matter where you are staying in Semarang. Whether you prefer a small inn or the impressive Novotel Semarang, you can expect beautiful views and outstanding rooms.

Plan Your Itinerary: Things To Do In Semarang

Think you will run out of things to see and do in Semarang? Think again. You can make your days as jam-packed or relaxing as you like. There are many different museums, temples, and monuments to discover. A few of the most noteworthy spots include: Sam Po Kong Temple (this beautiful temple was built to honour Muslim Chinese commander Cheng Ho. He visited Semarang in the 15th century), Gereja Blenduk (the oldest church in all of Semarang. It was built back in 1753), Tugu Muda (one of the major landmarks in Semarang. It commemorates the battle between Indonesian freedom fighters and the Japanese soldiers in 1945), Museum Ronggowarsito (a beautiful museum full of unique artefacts related to art and culture), and Mangkang Zoo (a newer attraction to the area. It is full of beautiful animals and extensive grounds). See? There is something for everyone in Semarang. Whether you love history, architecture, or family friendly attractions!


Getting Ready: Weather Conditions And What To Pack

Now you know a little bit more about this incredible place. What next? Preparing for your trip. That means packing your suitcase and being prepared. It is important to note that the weather in the city is typically hot and humid. That means loading up your suitcase with the appropriate pieces of clothing. Think lightweight and light coloured items. Stick to cotton t-shirts and knee-length shorts. Something to keep in mind? If you plan to visit a temple or a mosque, your attire will need to be elevated. Think long pants and a button down shirt – or even a long dress.


Two Best Places in Europe

Uffizi Gallery

This famed art museum began its life as an office building for the magistrates below Duke Cosimo di Medici. This is often the supply of the name, Uffizi, that interprets to “offices.” Because the hallway was open at one end to the street, several historians consider this to be first architectural urban streetscape in Europe.


Its multipurpose function as a gathering place for beauty, art and recreation had several  admirers and guest, including Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci, who would come here to visit the attractive artwork as an inspiration. It has been a gallery open by request since the sixteenth century, and became officially open to the public in 1765.
The fall of the Medici family came with it an uncertainty about the future of this art, however Florence was able to keep this city treasure intact. These days it’s one amongst the world’s most noted creation museums with collections of sculptures from classical antiquity and Renaissance paintings as well as The Birth of Venus by Sandro Boticelli.

Plans are underway to increase the size of exhibition space, that has become additional necessary when recent flooding has damaged a number of the present parts of the museum. However, the sheer size, quality, selection and variety of artifacts obtainable in the Uffizi makes this one amongst the world’s most vital art museums, and value the trip on every occasion.

Santa Maria del Fiore

Translated as the Basilica of Saint Mary of the Flower, this gothic church is considered as the most church of city of Florence, and is additionally referred to as Florence Cathedral. The cathedral was originally inbuilt the 1400’s by Arnolfo Di Cambio.

The church is a part of a three-building complex with the baptistery and Giotto’s Camponile set within the place Del Duomo. It’s lovely green and pink marble walls, a tower and a spectacular golden dome designed by Fillipo Brunelleschi. The dome and bell tower are iconic pieces of the Florentine skyline, and might be seen from most high points within the town.


The original façade, designed by Arnolfo di Cambio and frequently attributed to Giotto, was truly begun twenty years once Giotto’s death. The church got a facelift within the nineteenth century with a gothic revival facade.

Inside the cathedral’s buildings are variety of valuable art items that are each decorations, and in several places, an actual a part of the building. A number of the foremost legendary art items that may be found within the cathedral include a painting called Dante Before the City of Florence which provides a view on Florence in 1465.
A one-handed liturgal clock with four huge paintings, a large forty four glass windows, as well as the circular one entitled Christ Crowning Mary as Queen are number of the other highlights. Crypts of devoted bishops and the architect Bruneschelli were excavated in the 1960’s, and can be seen in part by the public today as well.


Image by  gráce under CC License.


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Finding the Best Valentine’s Gift

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Women’s watches

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Women’s Jewelry

If a watch is not her thing, choose from elegant or fashion, dressy or casual jewelry. Opt for an 14K white gold/white diamonds Miore ring. Pick an 18K white gold/white diamonds Audemars Pig necklace. Or, go for an 18K white gold/white diamonds Chopard bracelet.

Save money

Save money and snag a fabulous find for under 1000. Choose a Rado, Movado or Bulova. Go casual or fashion. Pick a gold stainless steel or bright red leather one. Check the weekly deals for exciting bargains to keep you on budget.

Above and beyond customer service

Count on superb customer service and attention to detail when you shop at Ashford. Buy with confidence, save money and get your money back, if not 100% satisfied. Be sure you are buying only new, authentic watches with a two-year warranty.

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