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3 Interesting Historical Sites in Majorca

When I think of Majorca, I imagine a party island where it is entirely possible to go for a drink after dinner and find yourself still sipping on cocktails as the sun comes up – where you can dance the night away in huge clubs, and be on the beach the first thing.
But there are also plenty of places to visit where you can lap up culture and history, so if this is the type of holiday that appeals to you, don’t be put off. I admit I was surprised when I visited Majorca to find it is entirely possible to avoid the busy resorts and the noise of the clubs and bars, and instead just visit some of the island’s older sites.

In addition to this, Majorca is home to some of the most beautiful countrysides I have ever seen. You know you’re going to be able to enjoy terrific weather when you visit the Balearic Islands, but you’re not limited to lying on a beach when you want to soak up the sun.

An alternative is to set off on a walk into the countryside, so you can top up your tan as you amble through olive groves. Best of all, some of the island’s most famous historical sites of interest are located on these trails, so you can spend the day taking advantage of both attractions.

Banys Arabs

Read on to learn ore about some of the places I think are well worth visiting.

Banys Arabs
This traditional Byzantine building can be found – of all places – in the island capital of Palma. While the city is alive with the hustle and bustle of holidaymakers, come here and you will feel as though you have escaped it.

The Arab baths are located within a lush green garden that almost looks as though it has come from the pages of a story book. It’s like an oasis in the heart of the busy city and is a true haven of peace and quiet.

Walk through the garden and you will reach the baths, which consist of an arched dome held up by 12 columns. This is one of the only Moorish sites to be found in Palma so is well worth seeing.

Castell de Bellver
This 14th century fort is particularly striking, being a great example of the Gothic-Catalan style. You will find it just a 45-minute walk away from downtown Palma and it is open every day of the year.

While the castle itself is incredibly eye-catching, being circular in shape and surrounded by walls that are almost floral in their outline, it is the view you can see here that is the most remarkable. Bellver means beautiful view in English, and you will be able to see a long way out to sea, as well as across Palma.

Castell d’Alaro
If you can’t resist a great view, this site will certainly appeal to you. The 15th century fort can be reached in just over two hours if you set out from Alaro and you will amble through gorgeous countryside and olive groves to get to it.

Once at the top, you can spend time exploring this hilltop castle – where a fort has stood since Moorish times – before enjoying the magnificent vista of Palma and the ocean.

I hope I’ve convinced you there is more to do than just partying on the island and that you feel inspired to see more during you stay in Majorcan holiday accommodation.

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