5 Different Things to do in Dalaman

The majority of people who book seaside holidays to Turkey do so with one thing in mind: beaches. However, to only see coastal areas such as Dalaman as sun and sea destinations does them somewhat of a disservice – ignoring the wealth of other attractions on offer.

Read on five alternatives to sunbathing on the Dalaman coast and then visit Monarch.co.uk to book your break.

1. Take one of the world’s best long-distance hikes

Just south of Dalaman, near the resort of Fethiye, you’ll find the western terminus of the Lycian Way, a 509 km-long coastal footpath that runs all the way east to Antalya.

Regarded by the Sunday Times as one of the top ten long-distance hikes in the world, the Lycian Way offers a heady mix of stunning sea views and peace and tranquility.

Those preparing to tackle it should ensure they’ve got sturdy walking boots, a map, and plenty of sun cream and water, as the heat can get pretty intense on the more exposed sections.

2. Visit an accidental railway station

One of Dalaman’s quirkier attractions is its accidental railway station. Quite unbelievably, the Alexandria train station is reportedly the result of a bizarre mix up in 1905 when the then khedive of Egypt, Abbas Hilmi Pasha, wanted to build a residence in Dalaman.

As a result of a shipping error in Europe, the materials for his home were accidentally shipped to France, while those for the Alexandria railway were sent to Turkey. Deciding it would be too costly to re-ship them, the railway station and a short stretch of track were erected in Dalaman.

3. Get messy in a mud bath

The Dalyan mud baths are one of the region’s most popular attractions – and it’s not hard to see why. Not only is diving into the mud great fun, its high mineral content is said to be able to cure ailments.

4. Head into the mountains

As a real alternative to being by the sea, take a trip into the mountains to discover traditional village life and experience truly breathtaking scenery in the quietest of surroundings.

5. Visit an ancient town

Although today it is one of the world’s most popular beach destinations, with hundreds of modern resorts dotted along its coastline, Turkey has plenty of cultural attractions that reveal its historic past, before the arrival of tourists.

A few hours drive south of Dalaman is the ancient settlement of Myra, which is home to an impressive amphitheatre, ancient tombs carved out of the cliff face and the 9th century Church of St Nicholas – making it a real treat for history and architecture buffs.

Of course, if you want to hit the beach, Dalaman is the perfect place to do that as well. One of the finest in the region is Patara Beach – a stunning strip of golden sand that stretches for around 11 miles and is hundreds of metres wide in places. A lack of road access to the site means that much of the beach is deserted, so you can savour the scenery in relative isolation.

Whatever your preferences, you’re bound to find an activity to suit you in Dalaman, whether its as simple as sunbathing or as energetic as hiking the Lycian Way.

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