5 Great Barcelona Clubs for 5 Different Tastes


On just about every travel blog you will see an article claiming to have the top 5 or 10 clubs in a city cut down and posted on one definitive list. Well, with so many different tastes and types of clubber there can never be a list of the “5 Best Barcelona Clubs” as your preferences will be different to those of the next person and the next too. So here you have a list of five good clubs for five different types of Barcelona clubber.


The ‘Latin Music’ Lover

If spending any time in Barcelona, you simply must spend some time listening to and dancing to the Latin music that the locals love so much. Marula Café in the Gothic area of the city is a big hit with those who love to move to the samba, tango and similar beats.

Show off your moves solo or else grab a partner and show what you’ve got. There will be space to dance as a couple as the crowd respect talented dancers when they see them and will move out the way to give the floor to those strutting their stuff.


Photo Credit: Flickr user ‘Alterna2’

The ‘Only Here For One Weekend’ Clubber

If only visiting Barcelona for a weekend then one of the tourist clubs makes the most sense. Down by Port Olimpic, just in front of the two towers, you’ll find a whole row of busy clubs filled with holiday-makers. These clubs may be a little pricy, but when here for a short stay you’ll want to try out the clubs, some of which are famous across the continent. Opium Mar is perhaps the most famous of these beach clubs and is always full of young party lovers from all corners of the earth.

And if looking to have your bed as close to the club exit as possible, then an apartment from Oh-Barcelona in the Port Olimpic area would be the perfect choice. You can leave the club and arrive at your pillow before you know it!


The ‘Students’

With a fairly easy study schedule, those students in the city can enjoy midweek dancing in a way that those with 9-5 jobs can’t. Going out midweek means a much cheaper night out and a lot younger crowd as well and one of the favourite midweek clubs is Apolo on Paral.lel.

‘Nasty Mondays’ and ‘Crappy Tuesdays’ are actually a lot better than their names suggest and the old theatre is always packed full of energy and people who simply love to party. Don’t expect a quiet night here, expect to have a crazy one!


The ‘I Want To Dance To Exactly What Was On The Radio All Day’ Clubber

There will always be clubbers who only enjoy the music if they know every word and if they have heard every song at least twice on the radio that day already. Well, Jamboree on Plaça Reial is the perfect club for two types of clubbers – firstly for those clubbers just mentioned and secondly for their friends.

The club is not too pricey and a good night can be had singing along to the songs everybody knows. But just know before you go in that you’


The ‘Live Music’ Lover

This huge warehouse/club is found a little bit out of the main city centre by the Torre Agbar, but once you get close you won’t miss it! With five huge rooms, this is the biggest club in the city centre and live bands use this venue a lot.

When there is live music the entrance fee is a little pricier but with advance purchase online it can still be very affordable and rarely above €20, with a drink included of course. That’s a great price for a night of live music or DJs and dancing!

Photo Credit: Flickr user ‘Jaume Meneses’

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