Tuscany is arguably the most famous of the Italian 20 regions; it is a fabled land of idyllic countryside and remarkable historic cities full of art. It has the power to melt people’s hearts with its charm and character that those who visit it for the first time will come back for and eventually want a chunk of their own of this incredible region. It also has a history of home buying for over a century now with many people investing in Tuscan villas, especially in areas such as Chianti and Siena and still remains an extremely good investment.


The UK countryside is amazing with great landscapes, coastlines, hills, lakes and wildlife. It offers great escapes for those seeking relaxation away from the bustling cities and adventure seekers. It is however a great idea to buy a luxury holiday home to rent out or use yourself in any of the UK countryside regions so that you have a regular holiday property which you could sometimes let out when not in use. With the signs of recovery in the property market, now is the time to invest in beautiful countryside homes. There are numerous places to choose from, Exeter, Aberdeenshire, Yorkshire and Corby. Whichever place you choose, a gorgeous holiday home in magnificent surroundings is always a worthwhile investment.


Portugal is an ideal destination for families as there is always something for everyone, golf courses, beaches, history, food and excellent weather all year round. Over the past two decades Algarve has developed steadily making it suitable for the perfect holiday home. Alvor offers an excellent location for a holiday home as it is set on a sleepy fishing village with beautiful gardens and the Mediterranean atmosphere retains its charm here. Villas with panoramic views are reasonably priced whilst it is only a short drive to another spectacular destination in Spain. It also has a lot of attractions for kids as well as golfers.


France has lured many to its endless attractions and it is no wonder that after careful considerations most holiday makers choose to make it a regular holiday destination by buying second homes. The most common foreign home buyers are the Brits seeking the pleasures of visiting France at will without ever having to worry about accommodation costs. One of the reasons people buy homes in France is because the process is quite simple and the regions from which to buy great property are numerous. There are plenty of holiday homes for sale in France to choose from, and so you can get exactly what you want in your ideal location.


Spain has been a thriving market for home buyers for ages and the hype to own a holiday home here is not going down any time soon. You can get fantastic deals on the mainland but for those seeking a step up in class areas such as Marbella are great. Ibiza is also a fine choice; it is a lively party scene at night but if you avoid the party district San Antonio calm and tranquility is restored. It is ideal for young and adventurous couples or the fun loving bachelor who might sometimes go out for the night.


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