A Look at Alicante’s Best City Walks

I’m a big fan of walking. Indeed, there’s nothing I like to do more in my spare time than go for a stroll – be it in the countryside or in a city – and take in some fantastic scenery. My passion for walking doesn’t stop when I go away on holiday either; in fact, having the chance to see some new sights is one of my favourites things about taking a trip overseas.

I recently took a flight to Alicante through Monarch and, when I got there, I had the opportunity to go on some astounding treks. Here’s a look at some of the routes that I took – as well as one that I wished I walked along as well!

65009.TIFAlicante city wall walk

As is the case with many other Spanish settlements, Alicante was once a walled city with the towering battlements serving to protect it from invasion. Although they certainly served their intended purpose, as Alicante began to prosper in the 19th century they began to limit the city’s growth, both economically and in terms of its size.

It was not until Queen Isabel II visited in 1858 to launch a train line connecting the city to the Spanish capital of Madrid that local officials requested for royal permission to demolish the walls. This was soon approved and marked the beginning of Alicante’s transformation into a modern metropolis.

Significant stretches of the walls are still standing, however, and you can walk along the top of these to gain an idea of not only what the place looked liked in the mid 19th century, but also to understand how it has developed since then.

As you walk along, you’ll get to take in panoramic views of the city and see some of its most famous attractions – such as the Casa de la Asegurada Museum and 16th century Santa Maria church – up close. You will also be able to look out to sea and catch a glimpse of the Benacantil mountain in the distance.

Old quarter walk

If you’re keen to learn even more about Alicante’s past, I recommend you go for a stroll through the old quarter district of the city. Situated at the foot of the Santa Barbara Castle, this historic region contains a wealth of fantastic landmarks. While you can choose to spend a few hours taking in the exterior beauty of these buildings, I don’t think it is until you step inside them that you’ll get a true appreciation of their splendour.

One place that I certainly advise you check out is the Saint Nicholas Pro-Cathedral. Here, you’ll discover a captivating mixture of Baroque and Herrera architecture, as well as a 15th century cloister.

Another highlight of your trip will be the Plaza del Ayuntamiento public square. This is where you will come across the town hall, which contains an astounding Baroque facade.

San Juan beach

I didn’t get the chance to take a walk along the San Juan beach when I was in Alicante, but I certainly wish I had. This lovely 7 km expanse of sand is situated just to the north of the city and, if you follow it from one end to the other, it will take you all the way up to the pretty coastal town of El Campello.

Of course, you’ll have ample opportunity to soak up magnificent sea views while you stroll but I also recommend that you spend a few hours sunbathing. An 18-hole golf course is situated close by, so you’ll even have the chance enjoy a round or two before continuing your trek.

Are you thinking of visiting Alicante? If so, let us know what walks you’ve got planned and which sights you want to see the most!


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