The advantages of a vacation in Lithuania

It has been 100 years since Lithuania has got its independence. The country has gone through very tough times and now it wants to earn recognition of being one of the best holiday destinations in the world today. If you are interested to spend a vacation then spending your holidays in Lithuania will certainly be a good choice.

holidays in Lithuania

In order to know more about what the holidays in Lithuania can offer you can go through the below-mentioned discussion:

  • This is considered to be the dead center in Europe

This is a place that is located exactly in the middle of Europe. There is a beautiful monument here and Europas Parkas consists of the largest sculpture of the world that is made up of TV sets. So do not wait any further. Just plan on spending your holidays in Lithuania without any further delay.

holidays in Lithuania


  • This place is also extremely less expensive

The capital of Lithuania is Vilnius and this is considered to be one of the cheapest city in entire Europe. You can spend some time watching the beautiful architecture in this city. Your holidays in Lithuania will surely be enjoyable and you will also be able to enjoy the vacation at a very affordable rate.

holidays in Lithuania

  • It is one big film set

A number of film shootings have taken place in this place. When you spend your holidays in Lithuania you can also see the various film sets here. You can spend an entire day spending time moving around the place.

holidays in Lithuania

  • The hill of crosses is the major stuff for nightmares

The city of crosses is located in the Northern part of the city of Siauliai. Here you will get to see a number of crucifixes as well as crosses. You will also be able to see the statue of Virgin Mary in this place. This is now the home for 100000 crosses. Spending the holidays in Lithuania will surely be a memorable one.

holidays in Lithuania

  • Hill of Witches

Apart from the hill of crosses, there is also the hill of witches. When you go to spend holidays in Lithuania then you will also be able to come across the hill of witches. This is located quite near to the Curonian Spit. There are 80wooden characters that are present here and they are linked to the pagan traditions and the folklore.

holidays in Lithuania

  • The sand dunes in this place are also quite beautiful

When you go for holidays in Lithuania then you will be able to enjoy the sand dunes which are of a 61-mile strip and it is considered to be the world heritage site by UNESCO.

holidays in Lithuania

If you go to Lithuania then your holidays in Lithuania will surely be worth remembering. There are a number of places that are worth seeing in this place. If you are really interested to spend a lovely vacation in this place then planning holidays in Lithuania will be a good alternative. When you visit this place it will be a good option for you to take the help of a tourist guide. This will ensure that you do not miss visiting some beautiful places here.

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