Around the World

treesSeveral travel agents are offering ‘round the world’ trips for under £1000. Amazing, right? It is amazing but just be sure to check where in the word you will be going and what (for them) constitutes round the world. Many of these journeys take you to New Zealand, Hon Kong and the USA but miss out other places that you may want to visit. Check with the provider if holidays can be tailor made – it may cost more, but you will get to see the sights you’ve dreamed of. However, if your idea of seeing the world corresponds to visiting the four corners of the world, then you can cover a whole lot of miles for a very fair price.

The tickets will not be first class and you may have to ravel at odd hours but that is great if it knocks money off – all the more to spend when you get there. 

Pack lightly too. The last thing you need when trying to save money is having to pay excess because you have too much luggage.  Once you are there, where will you stay?  By all means, go for five star hotels if you have cash to burn but there are numerous self-catering options that will keep costs down.  All of your accommodation can be booked on line but if you are very brave, you could take a chance and find somewhere local when you arrive.

I know many people who have done this in Asia, America and the Middle East. All of them were offered great deals and ended up getting even better deals because they took the plunge and haggled!  Give it a go.  The worst that could happen is that you will have to pay the first price they suggested.  You do not have to be a pro-haggler, just confident enough to stand your ground.  A word of warning though:  be respectful and know when to stop!

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