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Artistic guide to Sydney

As the oldest city in Australia, Sydney is among rare cosmopolitan centres where the powerful spirit of pastimes remains present and so alive even in modern age. Sydney’s rich artistic scene we know today was forming from olden times, where precious combination of native and foreign crafts, commons and architecture spiced with modern waves gave birth to unique artistic environment. It’s clear that Sydney presents true pictorial and architectural oasis, so let us guide you through its artistic world:

Architecture permeated with past

Just step away from Harbour surrounding lays slice of Sydney’s history, The Rocks area, once truly aboriginal and then a first piece of Australian land settled by Europeans. Walking through the streets crowded with first settlers’ houses which exude colonial architecture will bring you back to 19th century, while Rocks Discovery Museum and nearby art galleries will reveal the intriguing story about native heritage, convicts’ destinies and pristine artistic roots.

explore sydney

However, glorious Victorian era still lives in Sydney. If you want to feel captivating spirit of Victorian times you can do it in Avonmore on the Park, authentic Victorian-style villa in Randwick city. George Street, known as the oldest Australian street is a stage for old architectural styles, but apart from visiting imposing Queen Victoria Building embraced by divine Romanesque architecture and complex mosaics, don’t miss 19th century St Andrew’s Cathedral reflecting neo-gothic style and richly ornamented Sydney Town Hall.

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Opera House and The Harbour bridge – the inception of modern Sydney

Sydney’s greatest architectural miracle is definitely The Opera House, glamorous waterside structure shaped like spread sails, which hosts the best Australian artistic and cultural happenings. There’s no better place in Sydney to watch operas, classic music concerts and art performances, but even its exterior presents giant artwork and the foundation of modern Sydney’s architecture.

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Before Opera House dazzled the world, Sydney was already impressive architectural surrounding, thanks to The Harbour Bridge, which with its over 100 m high structure stands as the largest steel arch bridge in the world and best spot for experiencing stunning city panorama. Ever since it was built, in 1932., the Harbour Bridge created its own history, kept in the nearby bridge museum where you can dive into interesting artefacts and construction related records.

The piece of Sydney’s contemporary art

Apart from hosting architectural and historical treasures which evolved through the time to become the part of rich city’s artistic vibe, Sydney is also a homeland to the best contemporary artistic events. One of them is Sydney Contemporary, recognizable Australasia’s art fair which offers dozens of galleries and exhibitions from respected world artists.

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Here you can enjoy in best international and domestic digital artworks, innovative installation exhibitions, galleries which host contemporary printmaking and paper works and platforms which showcase world-known contemporary artworks.

Underbelly Arts Festival – reflection of Sydney’s urban art

The light motive of your walk through artistic Sydney will probably be gorgeous Opera House or Harbour area, but if you open your horizons for alternative guide to Sydney, you’ll be able to discover different sides of dazzling city’s power. Underbelly Arts Festival, held on historically coloured Cockatoo Island, easily accessible by ferry, offers completely fresh view on Sydney’s modern art, since it’s a centrepiece of urban style art shows and live performances.

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Apart from enjoying in urban stories told through dramas, impressive environmental performances and contemporary visual installations, here you can see the most impressive street murals and urban surfaces covered with modern artworks, since the festival is absolute centre of Sydney’s street art.

explore sydney

It’s almost impossible to find the city laden with so captivating and unique artistic energy as Sydney, so apart from being another “landmarks’ visitor”, dare to peek in Sydney’s artistic side.

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