Best Mexican Foods

Known for its various cuisines, Mexico is rich in its flavorful and native recipes that continue to evolve even up to this day. Its delicacies reflect the history, the place and the kind people living in the adventure-packed land. With numbers of major festivals each year and tons of wonderful restaurants, Mexico offers great tasting foods and exceptionally rich and spicy dishes.
Below is a comprehensive list of the must-try Mexican dishes that you should not miss when visiting the place.

Chilaquiles. Corn is believed to have originated in Mexico and this crop is typically the main ingredient for this dish. Fried and cut in quarters, the corn tortillas is covered with shredded chicken, cheese and either a sweet or sour Mexican cream.


Mole Sauce. This dish is no ordinary sauce and is one of the most famous foods in Mexico because of its unusual combination of ingredients. All the combinations start with one or more types of chili pepper. Added with chocolate and numerous spices (averaging to a number of 20 ingredients), the sauce is slowly cooked and served over turkey or chicken.

Tacos al Pastor (Shepherd style). This mouth-watering dish is greatly loved by Mexicans and even by other races all over the world. Flavored with various chiles and pineapple, the meat is roasted to perfection. With a nice balance of sweetness, tartness and salt, this dish can be shaved off into tiny corn tortillas and may be served with salsa verde on top.

Pozole. A special occasion dish in Mexico, this food has a great significance in the country. Most restaurants called Pozolerias specialize in it and are usually served on wee hours of the morning. Chicken, pork or other type of meat can be used for this dish and combined with a number of ingredients.

Lastly, Mexican dishes will never be complete without lime. Finishing it up the dishes with a squeeze of lime will make you forget your name once you taste it!

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