Best Places to White Water Raft

raftingWhite Water Rafting is not just about adventure, excitement and fun. You can experience the most scenic and exciting rafting trips in various parts of the world. Are you ready for white water rafting but without idea where to visit? No problem. This hub puts together top 5 places to go white water rafting across the world. Whether experienced or a beginner you must find somewhere appropriate for you in the list. These rafting destinations provide the most scenic views, exciting campsites, delicious food, drinks, professional guides and entertainment.

Tatshenshini and Alsek rivers

The two rivers are in Alaska, Canada. The attractions on these two rivers include icebergs and glaciers. They flow through the amazing tundra, mountains and northern wilderness bordering Canada and Alaska. Other than white water rafting, the trip presents you with a memorable wildlife experience, spawning salmons, moose and grizzlies to luscious blueberries. For more information visit www.wildernessriver.com

Magpie River

Magpie River is in Canada and can be accessed on a float plane. You can take an 8 day white water rafting tour on this river. The tour presents you with unforgettable scenic views of pine forests in the Eastern Quebec. The first rapids are encountered on leaving the lake. The rapids grow in complexity and becomes challenging downstream. The river has spectacular islands that provide excellent spots for camping. You can also enjoy the lively aurora borealis to the north. Visit www.Earthriver.com for more information.

Middle Fork River

It is also known as the Salmon River and is found in Idaho. The river is a popular white water rafting destination in the world given its forest scenery, glorious alpine and class IV rapids. Enjoy a captivating sight of wildlife that can include mother bear and her cubs. More information can be obtained from www.ioga.org

Rio UPano

The river is in Ecuador and flows through the Amazon Basin. The rain forests provide visitors with scenic views of darting butterflies. You can also have a glimpse at the neighboring Shuar people in their palm-thatched houses. Stop and visit Macas and other remote towns along the river. The pace varies from tumultuous rides in the narrow canyons to gentle rapids. Namangosa Gorge is the highlight of the tour. Other than the class 4 rapids, it provides you with a scenic view of countless waterfalls that plunge down on the sides of the gorge. Visit www.rowinternational.com, www.condorjourneys-adventures.com for more information.

Zambezi River

The river is found in Zambia and flows across Zimbabwe. The river stretches for 24 kilometers. Its scenic views include the Victoria Falls, Batoka Gorge and more than 23 rapids. This river provides Africa with the most breathtaking white water rafting destination. You can get more information on www.zimbabwetourism.co.zw

The more challenging a rafting is the more fun it is. White Water rafting in high rapids for example class 4 rapids provides one with memorable rush. I believe this round up of the top 5 places to go white water rafting has provided useful destinations for you.

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