Boston: step back in time and discover one of the oldest cities in the US

Comme à Québec la tour d'observation est munie de vitre et il faut prendre la photo à travers un paquet de verre qui reflète la moindre lumière provenant de l'intérieur. Dans ce cas-ci, j'ai placé ma K-7 avec la pancake DA 21mm sur un mini trépied (Ultra-pod II) tout simple, le plus proche possible de la vitre. Mon Tilley a ensuite servi à couvrir les reflets. The Prudential Tower has a magnificent view of Boston but you have to shoot through many layers of glass. I used my K-7 and a small pancake lens (DA 21mm f/3.2) on small tripod (Ultra-pod II, the best 20$ I ever spent on a photographic equipment) as close as possible to the window. My Tilley was then used to cover the eventual reflections.

Boston is a city that has a long and illustrious history and is renowned for its champion sports teams, cultural institutions and world-class educational establishments.

Boston is one of the oldest cities in the USA, being established as a town in 1630 and becoming a city in 1822. One of the most famous events in Boston’s history is the Boston Tea Party, which was a protest against what the colonists saw as excessive taxation by Britain, and also a lack of representation. The famous slogan “no taxation without representation” has its origins in this protest. In 1854, Anthony Burns, a slave from Virginia who had taken refuge in Boston, was arrested and imprisoned. Wendell Phillips and Theodore Parker at Faneuil Hall attempted to stir up public resistance to the returning of Burns to his owner, and they stormed the courthouse in an attempt to free him. They failed and Burns was returned to Virginia, but the event did increase public sympathy in Boston for the abolition of slavery.

Boston has been home to many firsts in the history of America. It was the first city to have a public anti-smoking rule, introduced in 1632. The first American lighthouse was built in Boston harbor in 1716 and it was home to the first chocolate factory and the first African American meeting house. The city also has the oldest black church.

One of the best ways to enjoy Boston is with Escape vacation rentals in Boston. You can rent your own apartment in some of the best parts of the city and choose an apartment that suits you, whether it is modern and sophisticated or comfortable and cozy.

Boston is a fantastic city to visit, with its long history and cultural attractions. The Boston Freedom Trail is a great introduction to the colonial revolutionary history of Boston. Following the trail, visitors will see 16 historical sites that cover two and a half centuries of American history. While this is the best-known historical trail in Boston, it is not the only one. The Black Heritage Trail is a fascinating insight into the history of Boston’s African American community in the late 18th and 19th centuries. There is also a women’s history trail.

Boston is home to some of America’s most illustrious educational institutions. The iconic redbrick university of Harvard has some stunning architecture and boasts many stories of some of the great names in American history, including Barack Obama, JFK and John Hancock. Its famous dropouts include Bill Gates, Matt Damon and Mark Zuckerburg.

Other activities include gazing at the stars at the Coit Observatory, watching the lions, tigers and other exotic animals at Franklin Zoo, or visiting the penguins and the giant coral reef exhibit at the New England Aquarium.

If you want something a little more offbeat, Boston has plenty of unusual excursions to offer. Boston is famous for its lobster and you can set sail on a lobster boat to learn about the local industry and haul up two traps of your own. You even get to keep your catch.

With great museums, sporting activities, historical trails and a great nightlife, Boston is a city in which you will never be short of things to do.

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