Bright and Busy Cities

Paris at Night

Many people that like to travel normally explore the world’s wonders during the day. Unfortunately they miss out on the transformation that takes place in these cities as soon as the sun goes down. When you watch these cities at night you will have a whole new experience.

Paris, also known as the “City of Lights” is a haven for people seeking culture and romance. It has a wealth of history and art, delightful cuisine, with its poet’s heart and unparalleled grandeur. The ambiance of the city varies depending on the season. During the holidays especially in winter, the hotels, streets, storefronts and restaurants are decorated for Christmas celebrations. The entire city radiates with lights, as snow descends over the Seine.

Hong Kong is another top 5 Brightest and Busiest Cities to Travel to, it’s a city with unique history and with plenty of exceptional experiences. With it’s the sky scraping trips using a helicopter to boating round traditional sea faring neighborhoods. The city has the brightest and biggest festivals especially during the Chinese New Year adornments. From the blazing dragon dances to a collection of fireworks the city is proficient in organizing celebration.

Seville in Spain it is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. It has a very great appeal for both Spaniards and foreigners due to its lights and magnificent architecture. It has a combination of Moorish and Roman traditions. Seville is filled with history and exuberance, because of the invasions and wars. The city is vivid, colorful and it is home of many great monuments and Spanish symbols.

Las Vegas is a city in Nevada USA, its famously the world’s gambling capital. It’s also known for its extensive shopping, gaming and first rate dining offerings. The major attractions in Las Vegas are casinos and hotels. It has the largest concentrations of shopping malls; the city prides itself as the entertainment capital of the world. The outdoor lighting exhibits are all over the place on several tourist attractions buildings in the region. It’s one of the top 5 Brightest and Busiest Cities to Travel to.

Tokyo is a densely populated city; it has a unique cultural heritage. The brightest section of the city is the center with ribbons of light extending out of the city center following road and public transit routes. It usually doesn’t appear bright from a distance but in the streets it very visible.

London offers a lot of activities for tourists at night. The city is a major financial and business center. It also has great architectural buildings and magnificent sceneries with rich history. It one of the cultural capitals of the world, it attracts the brightest people to it capital. These are just among the 5 brightest and Busiest Cities to Travel to of course there are other cities not mentioned in the article that are also the brightest cities to travel.

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