Budget-friendly Ideas for Long-term Travelers Overseas

Bound with their tight schedule at work, most people only have a few days or weeks annually for a vacation that they often spend going overseas. However, there are also some travelers who are more fortunate to spend a longer time staying in their desired travel destination abroad. When it comes to long-term traveling, seasoned traveler Giovanni Dubois said that “[it] is not for everyone. It’s not really a vacation, but more of a lifestyle.” Long-term traveling requires preparation, planning and budgeting ideas to survive this journey.

Among the most important things that long-term travelers need to understand is how to manage their budget for their vacation. Since they will be staying overseas, where exchange rate can affect the value of their money, tourists need to be mindful of their expenses and stick to their budget. Read on below to find out important tips for long-term travelers abroad in managing their budget.

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Get a budget plan

The initial step you need to learn when budgeting for your upcoming trip is by having a concrete plan to understand where most of your money goes. Apart from researching about the cost you must spend on accommodation, food, activities, etc., tourists need to learn how to prioritize to better spend their money on important things. “It’s all about prioritizing where you spend your vacation dollars and taking advantage of great deals,” said Eileen Ogintz, creator of takingthekids.com. Set the right amount for hotel, food, trip, flight and excess travel money depending on the length of your vacation.

Avoid travel agents

Most travelers make the mistake of hiring agents to plan their trip. If you are really into sticking to your budget, then you will need to avoid transacting with a middle man. A post about paying less for a flight and hotel mentioned that “It’s time to take on the booking responsibilities yourself.” Although travel agents may give you ‘cheap fares’ and a ‘budget-friendly hotel stay,’ they are still making a commission out of it. Experts suggest that you give yourself more time to plan your trip to be able to get the best and cheapest flight and accommodation, especially during off season.

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Pick the right accommodation

If you are staying for a long time overseas, renting a space in a hotel will no longer be a viable option. There are cheaper accommodation for long-term travelers, such as couch surfing or house sitting. It is free, so long as you are comfortable living in a stranger’s house while in a foreign land during your vacation. Some house sitting options offer payment to those willing to look over the house while the owners’ are away, as some would request to look over their furry friends. If this fits your traveling lifestyle, then you can save a lot (and even earn a bit) while you are on a vacation.

Learn how to cook

While ‘culinary tourism’ has now become a trend among many travelers, it’s not smart to spend most of your budget on food if you are staying there for a long time. The best way to stay healthy and stick to your shoestring budget is by hitting the nearest supermarket and making use of the hostel kitchen to cook your meals. But, you must learn a few easy recipes that you can bring in your trip, such as the ones listed by Go Euro. There are also apps that you can install on your phone that can help you whip a delicious meal while you are staying abroad.


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