You want to travel for free?

waterfallIf you know that travelling is in your heart and soul and there is nothing keeping you chained to your desk or your home, you can travel free. Take a course in travel writing, photography or even film making and once completed, you could be on your way to being a professional traveller. Wouldn’t it be great to be exploring the history of Greece or the water sports of the Maldives, knowing that your flights and accommodation have been paid for?

The world can be at your fingertips and at someone else’s expense!  Of course, you will have to work, but it is not work in the traditional sense. Who else back home gets paid for trying out the Scuba diving in Turkey or going wine tasting in Australia? As long as you are confident to travel alone, this could be the perfect way that the travel bug inside you will be sated. Becoming a travel writer is not easy, so do not assume it will be an easy ride. You will have to rummage through local life with a fine toothcomb, finding unique places to visit and interesting things to do.

The best way to do this is to experience it firsthand. You cannot describe the glorious scent of lemon groves on Sicily, and the way the warm air kisses your skin if you have not been there, how surprising the nightlife in Peru is without having experienced it, or how grossed out you were when you were offered a fried tarantula in Cambodia (and not wanting to appear rude, ate it! – oddly tastes like shellfish). The world is a fascinating place of opportunities, untouched lands, vistas only dreamed about and graphic history. What better way is there to get to know the world than to actually live in it?