Choosing The Right Cruise Line Made Easy

When it comes to your vacation, there are always so many decisions to make. Where should you go? Who should you go with? And how will you get there? If you’ve decided to take a cruise, then it’s time to think about the cruise line that you want to sail with. There are so many out there…but which one is right for you? If you need a little bit of help making up your mind, here are some tips that make choosing the right cruise line easy!

Consider Your Ideal Destination

Okay, first thing is first: where do you want to go? If you’ve got a set destination in mind then this may limit the cruise lines that you can pick from. Certain companies have specific routes. You can find out by looking online or asking a travel agent. If you don’t have a specific location that you want to visit, then you have many different options to choose from! To select the right cruise line, you’ll need to consider any of the other preferences you may have, like location, weather, and so on.

Think About Who You’re Travelling With

Next up? It’s time to figure out who you are travelling with. This can alter the cruise line that you choose. For instance, are you bringing along the kids or younger siblings? Then something like a Disney cruise would be ideal. They are kid-friendly and have many fun activities for both children and adults on board. If you prefer sports to mouse ears, then the Royal Caribbean may be a better option. They offer a rock climbing wall and a sports bar. To make your choice easier, be sure to think about what you want – and who is coming along with you.

Choose Your Ship Size

Not all cruise lines are the same. Some of them have quite large ships while others are smaller and more intimate. To weed out some cruise lines (and make your choice a little easier!), decide the ship size that you want. Larger ships can carry between 2000 and 4000 people. They tend to offer an awful lot of extras, like water parks and spas. However, they can be quite busy and harder to dock at smaller ports. Medium sized ships typically hold between 1000 and 2000 passengers. They may not have all of the same amenities, but they give you a little more personal service – and are slightly more affordable. Lastly, small cruise ships, like the ones from Windstar Cruises, hold less than 1000 people. They can be a more intimate and give you a relaxing experience.

Decide on Additional Services

The cruise line you choose can dramatically impact the type of vacation you have. So, it’s important that you find one that gives you everything you’re looking for. If you dream of laying out poolside, make sure that the cruise line you choose offers tons of pool chairs and deck space. Or if you want live entertainment, look into ships that have dinner shows that you can attend. Think about what you hope to experience on your cruise…and find a cruise line that can provide that.

You don’t have to stress out about choosing the right cruise line! Simply put these tips into action. They will help you make the right choice for your next trip.

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