Cities to Fall in Love with

EngelbergTo pick 5 cities to fall in love with would be quite a task as each city one visits has its own charm and specific features. From amazing worldwide hotels to amazing sights, it’s hard to list just a few. Having said that one needs to do an “eena meena mina mo” and come with results. The following therefore are the 5 cities which have been picked by doing just that!!

1.Engelberg, Switzerland

It is a base city from where one could reach the top of the Titlis Mountain and when one does that, riding a cable car, the tapering sounds of the bells tied round cows that graze beneath,is something that will reverberate in one’s ears for a life time. It is from Engelberg that one can again reach the railway station from where one gets to Jung frau a must see sight. And in Engelberg itself there is enough sight seeig where many hotels are located pretty high from where one can view the Alps in all their glory.
If one chooses to take a stroll it would be well worth looking for those meandering brooks with crystal clear waters.

2.Sydney, Australia

A moonlight ride on the boat that cruises along the Sydney Harbour, – a boat that is equipped with the paraphernalia where performances are conducted, while the guests are treated to a gourmet dinner,- is more than what one bargains for. This is an experience that will truly put Sydney on the map of ‘best cities to fall in love with’. Try booking hotels online ahead of time as this is a very popular tourist destination.

It is in Sydney that one can have an Opera experience that is exclusive and exotic.

3.Srinagr, Kashmir, India

The best way to get to this wonder city is by bus from Jammu as one should not miss the valleys and lakes, and rivers one comes across and once there every inch of space is heaven with lush green lawns, houseboats, which one can hire and have a ride in the Dal Lake, the main attraction for tourists. Conducted tours that take one to places one different from the other while savouring everything en route ones destinations – an ideal location for honeymooners. There is plenty of history here and well appointed gardens that are maintained paying attention to every detail.

The sound and light show will take one back hundreds of years, which is played out to perfection.
The sure-footed mules will take one on rides, a perfect way to tour the area which has several highs and lows. It is only a mule that can maneuver these difficult terrains.

4. Venice, Italy

Untouched by modernity, and having a class of its own, Venice, is over flowing with romance what with water buses, gondola rides and time spent at St.Mark’s Square are enough for anyone to fall in love with this city. One can enjoy a stroll hand in hand where public transport is hardly seen which is exclusive to Venice alone..

5. Nepal, Katmandu

A sleepy city but endowed with natural beauty par excellence – a place where one has access to see the Himalayas in all their glory at close quarters. There are small planes that take one close for an aerial view of the Himalayas.

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