The Best of Coastal Australia

Australia, that wonderful, vast expanse down south. It is famous for its indigenous flora and fauna, spectacular beaches, and the Uluru Rock. Now, the reason it is all so beautiful and unique is because it is so very far from the rest of the world. And because it is so far from everywhere else, Australia is one of the rare popular tourist destinations you could only visit by airplane. And because the flight is so long and pricy, Australia has become a breeding ground for cheaper airline ticket companies and lengthy tours. Forget your “Weekends in European Capitals”, with Australia, you pick one coast, and have at least a week of fun there.

There are many ways to explore coastal Australia, and the nearby islands. Sailing, however, is a good old Australian tradition, and whatever your sailing skills, you will get the most value from your visit to the Land Down Under by going around in your own boat. So get your flat shoes, your compass, and your sense of adventure, and find an ideal match with one of Australia’s beloved liveaboards. Get fitted with your own method of transport, for as long as you need.


Magnificent Sydney

Let’s start with Sydney Harbor, an immediate eye opener. Surrounded by the rest of the city’s coastline, but still out in the waters, the white sails of the famous Opera House tempt for some serious photography. Berthing in Darling Harbour might be a bit of a scramble, and certainly not the cheapest berthing in the city, but for a short day trip – why not? Sydney Tours R Us are one of the many wonderful tour agencies that focus on Sydney and its vicinity. Once you have finished touring the city, you can easily set sail for Lake Macquarie, a popular nearby getaway for both Australians and tourists.


The Unique D’Entrecasteaux Channel

The next dazzling location is D’Entrecasteaux Channel, which is one of the largest but rather isolated Australian ports. It is here that the connection Australians have to their boats is almost tangible, heavy in the air, and mixed with wonderful ocean breezes. D’Entrecasteaux is host to one of the most prominent Australian venues, the fascinating Bruny Island Ocean Race, one of the oldest and most prominent yacht races.


Dreamy Fraser Island

Fraser Island is the world’s largest sand island, and despite what images the name brings to mind, there is more than just sand on this beauty. Exploring the sand dunes via a 4×4 is a popular pastime here, but other than that, the ecosystem is mighty diverse. There is a rainforest, and there are lakes, and dingoes and turtles cover the beach, while the rainforest is dense with indigenous Australian creatures.


The Picturesque Whitsundays

If you have just one day to spend on Australia’s east coast, it would be a sin to miss out on the Whitsundays group of almost a hundred islands. There are numerous beautiful beaches and places you could go and enjoy the unspoiled nature. This is one of the most prominent places on earth where you could lounge about on pure white sands (oddly enough, that’s not what the islands were named after), and translucent waters. The choice of luxury hotels and spas here is fine and dandy as well. But most importantly, the Whitsundays are the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef. Diving in the GBR is a memory worth retelling, because this unspoilt underwater arena of wilderness and color is one of the official 7 wonders of the natural world.

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