Dreaming of Diving?

divingIf you are a diver, you may have been to all of the popular locations such as Turkey, Mexico and the USA but why not go somewhere more exotic?  One of the bonuses is that the sea life will be more diverse and the experience you gain from travelling to a place that is not populated with tourists holds the added charm of being able to dive undisturbed.  Sipadan Island, Borneo is one of the most paradise like places in the world.

Surrounded by a silky azure sea, with sand the colour of babies’ breath and an abundance of sea life, it is the perfect place to get your diving gear on and take the plunge.  You can stay in luxury log cabins that sit on the sea, which come with a balcony – perfect for relaxing on after a days diving.  If you venture to Mabul, you can stay on a converted oilrig!  This offers the same high-class service as any of the other resorts but will feel a whole lot different – in a positive way.

If Borneo seems too far to travel for your diving adventure, try Aqaba in Jordan.  It is still the Red Sea, like the best Turkish sites, but very different in pace and culture.  The pace of life is different here too and the sense of history is tangible.  The waters are warm and clear to enough to see the coral that appears to go on forever.  You may see turtles and dolphins and because they are used to people invading their space, you could get the chance to swim with them.  However, do not forget that these animals are wild and have not been trained, so respect them and be aware that turtles give a pretty good bite when they are annoyed or threatened.

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