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europeIf you are looking for somewhere different to go to on vacation and want to visit Europe, you do not have to go with the flow and book tickets to all of the usual suspects. Of course, Rome, Paris, London, Madrid and Athens are great cities to explore but Europe holds so many more gems that could be experienced.

Many places in Eastern Europe are not yet as popular with holiday makers so get in there and discover the charms of Estonia, and Croatia. Tallinn, Estonia’s capital offers an amazing insight into the country’s history and the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral is a must, as is the old KGB headquarters, which remind the locals of the Soviet regime.

Many Estonians were held here and either shot or sent to Siberia to work in the salt mines.  Looking at the building may send shivers up your spine as it has an aura of darkness about it, with its bricked up windows and unkempt exterior.  Plitvice in Croatia is just on the verge of becoming a popular destination, especially for those seeking a nature lover’s paradise. This is Croatia’s biggest national park and has many different coloured lakes that merge and cascade into each other.  It really is a stunning experience and well worth a visit.

Croatia also has brilliant beaches for those who prefer to laze in the sun.  For hotter places, try Porto in Portugal.  It is less expensive than Lisbon and has not reached the kind of status that will have you struggling to find people born and bred here.  This is an excellent choice for wine buffs as the Douro region is nearby and when you visit, you will be able to witness grapes being trodden by foot!  There is also a harbour where fresh fish can be purchased and where boats can be hired.

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