Shanghai holidays

Enjoying the Best of Shanghai Holidays

Shanghai is located on the central coast of China. This is one of the biggest cities in the country, and it is known to be the essential financial hub. It is time to plan for special Shanghai holidays and feel the essence of the destination. Bund is the heart of the city. This is the famous waterfront promenade with beautiful things to see and enjoy.

Shanghai holidays

The waterfront is lined with the best colonial edifices of the era. Along the Huangpu River, you can see the series of the skylines in the Pudong district. It would be great to plan for the Shanghai holidays and love to move to places so special and popular.

  • Yu Garden

When you are enjoying Shanghai holidays you can take a visit to the Yu Garden. The area came into being in the year 1559. The place is also known as the Garden of Happiness. The Garden covers an area of 20,000 kilometers and as part of the locale, you have both the interior and the exterior gardens.

Shanghai holidays

When making a list of the Shanghai holidays you should make sure to take a visit to the Yu Garden. The park or the garden has the main hall of the Sansui Tang. There are more things you can expect to discover within the garden area.

  • Shanghai Museum

As part of the Shanghai holidays, you have the most famous Shanghai Museum. This is the museum where you can have a glimpse of the Classical Chinese Art. This is a contemporary building having a display of the perfect art assortment.

Shanghai holidays

When planning for the Shanghai holidays there are more things you can experience as part of the travel. The museum has the unique circular top and the perfect square base. This explains the superior Chinese concept regarding planet earth. The museum has four floors, and here you can find the display of the 19th-century ceramic and bronze artifacts.

  • Oriental Pearl Tower

Shanghai is famous for the Oriental Pearl Tower. This is the most impressive 468-meter-tall Oriental Pearl Radio and TV Tower. This makes an essential part of Shanghai holidays. The Tower stands on the eastern bank of River Huangpu.

You have the best things to see as part of Shanghai holidays. From the position of the river, you can have an excellent view of the city. From the destination, you can have a perfect view of historic Bund promenade. The sight is indeed lovely.

  • Shanghai People’s Square

The People’s Square is extremely popular in the city of Shanghai. The destination is an essential part of Shanghai Holidays. The area falls within the racecourse of the city. This is the premier public place known for the special things to do and see. Here you can be the Shanghai City Hall and even the Shanghai Museum.

Shanghai holidays

As part of the Shanghai holidays list, the People’s Square serves as the major attraction. At the Square, you can see the Grand Theatre. This is the spot from where you can start having a tour of the city.

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