Everyone Loves Barcelona

Everyone should experience Barcelona once in their lives if for no other reason than it really is a fascinating place. There are very few cities in the world that combine the old world way of life with a vibrant party scene and gorgeous weather – all while being tied to a strong currency (despite its recent ups and downs) but being reasonably affordable. Simply put, Barcelona is in a league of its own.


When most people think of doing the whole Europe thing, Spain has the tendency to get overlooked in favour of the usual suspects of European destinations. This is unfair as Spain has so much to offer in the way of culture, relaxation and history and Barcelona is a great place to start. First time visitors will immediately pick up on the easy going vibe of the people that is missing in the neighbouring countries. That in itself is reasons enough to include Barcelona on your European itinerary regardless of if you’re looking for Barcelona apartments for long stays, luxury hotels or just backpacking through – it can be a welcome break!


The street market feeling found on Las Ramblas is always popular among visitors young and old alike. With a wide array of things to buy and look at, you can be sure there’s never a dull moment. The many other markets available give you a chance to see traditional Barcelona wares and soak up the feel of the crowd on low key days where you aren’t waiting in line for or running back and forth to its many historic sites.


Speaking of which, Barcelona is home to a surprising amount of remarkable historic and cultural sites that won’t break the bank to take in, especially in comparison to other countries. Top of the list is the famous cathedral by famed Catalan architect Antonio Gaudi, which is still under construction even more than 100 years later. Marvel at the attention to detail in the carvings, spires and pillars and travel up the many flights of stairs to get a breathtaking view of the city. Churches not your thing? Gaudi created an entire park overlooking the city and several other buildings spread throughout town – truly spectacular.


Regardless of your intentions for visiting Barcelona, it’s difficult to come here without spending some time on the beach. Facing the Mediterranean Sea and basking in its warmth and beauty, you can’t help but fall in love with the city purely for where the sand and water meet. Little known secret – best attraction in town is hands down watching the sunrise on Olympic Beach as the fishing boats head out to sea.


With its culture, history and natural beauty you would think Barcelona couldn’t possibly be a great place to party but you’d lose that bet – Barcelona nightlife is legendary and will put even the most dedicated partier to shame if they underestimate what it has to offer. Bars, clubs, restaurants, spontaneous street gatherings and everything else in between combine to make Barcelona a fantastic place to unwind, day or night.


Make sure you check out Barcelona at least once to see why exactly this place has such a special spot in so many traveller’s hearts.

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