Extend Your Roman Holiday


Rome isn’t called the Eternal City for nothing – when you are here, you really do feel both a connection to eternity and as if time stands still. It’s just one of those places that has seemingly always been there and you cannot imagine a world where Rome was not a part of it.

Which is why it’s not surprising that so many people try to stay and find apartments in Rome so they too can be a part of eternity. What could be better than waking every day to the sounds and smells of a city that has been through it all, walking those historic streets passed remarkable parts of human history as you live your modern life amongst a vibrant and passionate people? Rome truly is the place to be.

Sure, there are many people who may turn their nose up at Rome for being too crowded, especially in the summer with the flood of international tourists. Many critics of the Italian capital cite the smells of the sewers as a strike against it and call the people rude and infuriating, but in the end this is Rome. The same can be said about any large city, particularly those where the modern conveniences are crammed into aging infrastructure – but there are cities half as old as Rome that don’t look half so good.

The beauty of staying in Rome is wherever you happen to set up shop, you’re likely close to some remarkable site. If you decide to find a place in the old sector, you have the likes of the Coliseum, Pantheon and Roman Forum to gaze at every day. Take a walk passed the Spanish Steps and check out the Trevi Fountain on a night time stroll to any number of piazzas where you can meet amazingly vibrant people.

Or you can choose the Vatican end, close to one of the holiest places on the planet – and regardless of your feeling towards the Catholic Church or Christianity in general, there is something humbling about being able to walk through St. Peter’s Square after the crowds have gone home for the evening and just take it all in.

Crave the good time night life and restaurant culture made famous by literature and film? Trastevere is where you want to be and is a place you won’t every want to leave. A series of winding streets off the river that lead past seemingly deserted businesses come alive with sights, smells and sounds once the sun goes down in any one of the many squares. This is the Rome you’ve been dreaming about.

So grab some gelato and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime if you’re going to Rome for a holiday. You may only think you’re staying for a few days but don’t be surprised if you love it so much you’re doing everything you can to find some little villa or apartment to call yourself a Roman, if only for a short while.

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