Family Vacation Tips: Taking your Baby Abroad

Whether you jet off to an exotic island, or you are just spending a few days in the countryside, when it comes to family vacations there is a lot to organise and consider. As a young couple with a baby, you might be thinking about embarking on your very first holiday together which you are sure to find very exciting.

If you are going abroad, there is much more organisation and planning needed compared to staying in your home country. You’ll need to organise travel insurance, your Parking4Less ticket and you’ll need someone to look after any pets you may have. But all the planning and organisation will be worth it in the end when you’re enjoying your first family vacation.

Young children have very sensitive skin, so if you are visiting a hot country ensure your kids use plenty of sun cream and wear sun hats. Try and get them out of the sun for shade-breaks every hour or so and ensure they have plenty to drink. Babies should stay in the sun for as long as possible since their skin is even more delicate.

Not everyone likes flying, what with all the turbulence and unappetising plane food, but did you know that the variation in air pressure can wreak havoc on baby’s tummies as well as be a distressing event? This is why you should pack a spare shirt in your hand luggage, as well as trying to distract your baby during take-off and landing by playing with them or feeding them.

As a new parent, you have probably gotten into the habit of throwing lots of baby items into your bags when you go out. That’s fine when you’re just taking a stroll around the park but when you’re on vacation, nothing will wear you out quicker than lugging around a big bag all day. Instead, try to choose items which double up in duty- for example, your jumper could double up as a baby blanket. In addition, try and keep things organized in purpose-specific pouches or pockets so things are easier and quicker to find.

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