The Australian Wine Tour

In 2014, the Australian wine industry produced over 1 200 million of liters of this amazing drink (The Australian and New Zealand Wine Industry Directory, 2014). Australia is at the very top of the world’s wine production. There are several regions that produce wine in Australia, so if you ever visit the Land Down Under, do not miss out on the wine tasting tours. More precisely, New South Wales itself has the wine regions. Here are its wines and its regions, so that you can make your own wine tasting map.




This red wine has a really long tradition in Australia. It has a full body and a powerful flavor. In New South Wales, there are three main places to try this wine: Canberra District, Gundagai and Perricoota. Perhaps the best opportunity to taste the Perricoota Shiraz is during the Echuca-Moama Riverboats Jazz Food and Wine Festival. Canberra is famous for Shiraz and Reisling alike. However, the Shiraz of Canberra is compared even to that of Rhone Valley in France.

Cabernet Sauvignon

Head to the Hilltops or Mudgee for the ultimate Cabernet Sauvignon wines of the New South Wales. When in Hilltops, ask for the old bottles. This region is among the first ones to produce wines and it is famous for the sorts that age well and gracefully. Mudgee and its amazing climate and volcanic soil make amazing scenery for the production of this deep wine with strong character. The surroundings are lovely and there are 40 different cellars. Mudgee is a great place to search and buy excellent boutique wines for your collection.


Sauvignon Blanc

Both white and red wines are all over the Orange region. However, if you ever want a glass of perfect Sauvignon Blanc while in the New South Wales, forget about all the other places and head to Orange. The soil is great in Orange but the climate is perfect. Cool weather is predominant during the growing season and the autumn is dry, so the flavor remains strong and concentrated. That is why Sauvignon from this region has character that is unforgettable.


It is impossible to have a serious selection of white wine in a country if there is no Chardonnay. Tumbaruma and Cowra regions are the home of NSW Chardonnay. In Tumbaruma, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir make 75% of the land under grapes. Cowra has over 40 family run cellars. All those families cooperate to make natural and sustainable growing wine production. Their love for wine, combined by the perfect wine-growing climate results with Chardonnay that is out of this world.



Semillon is found in the Hunter Valley. Notes of vanilla and honey complete the rich flavor of this wonderful Semillon from the Hunter Valley. If your preference lies with Botrytis Semillon, go to the Riverina. This type of Semillon is what made the area famous.

Among the other wine types that you can taste are the Pinot Noir, Verdelho and Reisling. You will find the Pinot Noir in the Southern Highlands. The home of Verdelho is in the area of Hastings River, while New England is the place to go for a glass of Reisling. All these wines are worth your while and the kilometers traveled to taste them.

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