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With the internet at your finger tips you’re now able to book the best flights, accommodation and tours, from the comfort of your own home. Not only is booking online convenient, but the prices are too competitive for most travel agents to compete with. If you plan on booking travel deals online in the future, it’s crucial to know which websites and tools can help you find the best deals available.

Accommodation: Online sales and last minute deals

There are a variety of websites which specialize in offering sales and last minute accommodation deals. The most popular being, and Simply look up your destination and the dates you’re interested in and the website will provide you a list of suggestions, which you can filter by the cost per night or the hotels star rating. You’ll also be able to see what the normal rate per night is and the percentage of the discount offered. also allows you to book your own package deals, which is perfect if you want to book your flights, accommodation, tours, transfers and rental car through one website.

Also make sure to keep an eye on daily deal websites, as they often offer heavily discounted domestic and international deals.

Flights: Compare flights and airlines with one click

Websites like take the hassle out of researching flight fares. Simply enter the airport you wish to depart from, your intended destination and the dates you’re interested in and will compile a list of flights and fares, from numerous different airlines within seconds.

Beware though as some websites will charge a small fee for their service. If you’re not willing to pay the fee simply use their search tool to find the cheapest flight and then book it directly through the airlines

Cruises: An affordable all inclusive option

Websites like offer heavily reduced last minute cruises. If you book a cruise within a few weeks of departure, you can expect a discount of at least 50%.

Tours: Direct discounts through tour companies

It pays to visit the official websites of the prospective tour companies you’re considering booking with, as they often offer specials online. Specials include percentage discounts, last minute deals and deals when you book for multiple people. Many companies also offer percentage discounts for repeat customers as incentive to book with them again.

If you’re particularly interested in a tour company be sure to sign up for their regular email updates or newsletters.

Social media: Facebook and Twitter deals

Many travel related companies have an online presence, on social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter. If you have a Facebook page it is worthwhile to “like” these pages, as they often display the latest news on competitions and special deals.

If you’re a member of Twitter you can arrange for tweets from chosen travel companies to be directly sent to your phone. By keeping up to date with social networks you can take advantage of special limited time offers before they expire or are sold out.

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