Five Places in the UK That Have the WOW Factor

You don’t have to leave the UK to find an amazing holiday.The UK boasts many of the selling points that other countries advertise to lure in tourists; however, staying in the UK has many benefits that you can’t get abroad.

You can book your own holiday without using a travel agent, you are close to health care if the worst happens and therefore don’t have to think about expensive travel insurance. There are many benefits to staying close to home.

Here, courtesy of the guys at Northumbrian Cottages, are five must-visit destinations if you’re planning on exploring the UK:

  1. Scottish highlands – They make for one of the most tranquil and undisturbed holiday spots. You’re close to castles and nature, but also within travelling distance of Edinburgh or Glasgow if you fancy shopping and a city to explore one day.


  1. London – If you’re interested in somewhere with a more busy nightlife and plenty to do during the day then London is a perfect destination. From the London Eye to Buckingham Palace, you’ll have plenty to please all members of your family.

  1. York – A city steeped on history. From the walls and Clifford’s Tower that demonstrate the age and beauty of the city, to the unique “Shambles” – a few cobbled streets far from the traffic, but full of beautiful old building juxtaposed with one of a kind shops where everyone will find a new favourite. York not only has a beautiful city, but also has many family days out nearby so you don’t have to go far.

  1. Cardiff – Another historic city that will take your breath away. The beautiful countryside of Wales is never too far away too, so you’ll be able to explore to your heart’s content.

  1. Blackpool – For a change of pace and for somewhere you’ll be able to something new every night! It is now being called the UK’s Las Vegas and has a vibrant nightlife and attractions for during the day.

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