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Places to Tip the Chef: A Foodie Travel Guide

A combination of sightseeing and food is what makes a travel location desirable for visitors. Everyone wants to try something their taste buds are not used to. From saucy Cuba to strange and mystic Thailand, here are some place that took our hearts and wet our appetites.

Cuba – Hemingway Knew What’s What

cuban cuisine

Home to Old Havana, a preserved piece of Cuban history, Cuba offers major tourist attractions like the Plaza de la Catedral and Bodeguita del Medio, a place often frequented by Ernest Hemingway himself back in the day. A spicy combination of Native American Taino food and Spanish, Caribbean, even African tradition – Cuban cuisine is a multicultural blend. Be sure to explore the world of Cuban sandwiches and specialties like caldo gallego (Galician stew) and Cocido de Garbanzos (chickpea stew).

Sonoma – California’s Response to Wine

californian wine

Be sure to pay a visit to the famous Bear Flag Monument, raised in declaration of California’s independence from Mexico. Enjoying fresh local produce, Sonoma offers the cream of the crop that changes season to season, and its delicious dish diversity makes for a great culinary learning experience! On top of that, be sure to enjoy a delicious local wine & cheese combination, a great end to a busy day.

Vietnam – Street Food at Its Finest

vietnamese cuisine

As consequence of Hollywood wartime movies, people are mistaken in believing Vietnam is a moist mush of mosquitos, rainforests and bloodsucking leeches, when in fact, Vietnamese jewels like the Nha Trang seaside paradise and Hanoi lake  are everything but. Sharing common ingredients with Chinese food, like fish and soy sauce, rice, herbs and vegetables, Vietnamese dishes are healthy, and though not always spicy. In fact, most are very gentle on the stomach. Schedule an adventurous culinary vacation and try the fun-looking and flavorful Nem cuon salad rolls and the famous lemongrass rice noodle soup served with fresh herbs and veggies known as Bun bo Gue.

Morocco – An Alliance of Spicy and Arabic

Moroccan cuisine

An exotic culmination of snake charmers and abundant markets, Morocco’s maze of tight alleys and lively haggling known as Marrakesh Medina. A combination of common meats like beef, chicken and mutton, this scorching place offers odd lemon pickles and various dried fruits. We’d like to mention zaalouk – a tomato and aubergine salad and the spicy Bocadilo Sandwich.

China – Not Like You Know It

Chinese cuisine

Don’t miss out on the chance to experience skyscraper-rich skylines like the one in Pudong and the marvelous collection of sculptures of the Terracotta Army. Chinese food in China is nothing like the kind you are used to back home, so use this unique opportunity to enjoy healthy food, rich with rice, noodles, soybeans and veggies. From the salty-sweet Chinese sausage, to the acquired taste of the fermented Stinky tofu, rest assured that whatever “Chinese” food you had so far the foodie in you has tasted nothing but a fragment of the taste palette that distinguishes authentic Chinese food.

Thailand – James Bond Beaches

Thai cuisine

One of the best sights Thailand has to offer are the Koh Phi Phi islands, home to clear water and rich flora. The Sunday Walking Street in Chiang Mai offers cheap but delicious food, mainly consisting of rice, noodles, greens and meat, predominantly fish. Enjoy the taste of the noodles and soups of the Khao chao breakfast or Burma’s Ahan Lanna – a rice, pork and banana leaves dish.

The Philippines – Volcanoes, Reefs and BBQ

filipino cuisine

From the beautiful Tubbataha Reef in the Sulu Sea, to the active volcano of Mayon, the Philippines are more than your average adventure islands. A twisted combo of sweet, sour and salty, the Filipino cuisine makes for a rich single experience. We suggest bibingka, a sweetcake topped with grated coconut and pinakbet with shrimp.

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