From Ranching to Teaching

landscapeOnce you have made up your mind to pack your bags and see the world, the next step is: How can you travel for free. 

This is especially important if you are on a strict budget. You may have to pay to reach your destination but when you arrive, is it possible to live for free? The simple answer is ‘yes’! Before you set off, decide where you want to go and then, log on. There are several sites that offer free accommodation in return for your skills.

You could end up ranching in Montana or teaching English in Peru – whatever skills you have can be put to use. You may not get a monetary wage for your efforts but the accommodation will be free. Think of it as a trade of. If the point of you taking off into the great unknown is to end up where life takes you, this is a great way to secure a wealth of experiences.  The trick is, when you visit these sites, is to be open minded about where you go.

My tip is not to make too many decisions prior to finding out what sorts of opportunities are available. Probably the only thing you have to work out is the sort of climate you want to be in. It is no good ending up in Alaska if you are a sun worshipper. Also, be honest about the types of services you can offer – if you are not keen on horses, do not claim to be an expert wrangler just because you imagine yourself to be a modern day John Wayne! This kind of option is open to everyone but some of the sites do run checks for security purposes.  Do not worry about this, as it will protect you as well as the people who you end up living with.  The world really is your oyster if you know where to look.

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