Have a Sip at the ICEBAR


What would you think if you were able to have a cold drink that didn’t even come close to the temperature of the bar in which it was served? Suddenly the notion of ‘room temperature’ isn’t so off putting and sounds downright refreshing, doesn’t it? If you can handle the cold temperatures and are looking for a different sort of social drinking atmosphere, why not give the ICEBAR a try?


While there are many buildings made of ice and even a few bars as well, the ICEBAR by Absolut is the one to check out for a truly memorable experience. You don’t need to go as far as Lapland to enjoy a drink in its solid ice structure with drinks to match (or contrast in the case of hot ones!) as there are a few different locations with an ICEBAR of their own (even though sadly the Copenhagen one has closed). If you do want to check out the original, why not go through the good people at Discover the World and book your trip to get the most out of the winter experience today.


Jukkasjarvi, Sweden – The Original

First opening its doors in 1994, the original ICEBAR is the thing of legend and the one from which the others are modelled. Located in the small Lapland town of Jukkasjarvi, the ICEBAR here is situated near the famous ICEHOTEL, which is carved anew out of solid ice each year for people to enjoy winter in all its splendour. Unlike the other ICEBARs, this one lets you stay as long as you want (the other bars restrict you to 40 minutes) and you probably won’t be surprised to notice the temperature inside the bar is MUCH warmer than outside!


Stockholm, Sweden

If you can’t manage to make it 200km north of the Arctic Circle but are still in Sweden, check out the Stockholm ICEBAR. Sitting at a chilly -5 C all year round and unlike the one in Jukkasjarvi, it isn’t rebuilt every year so you can enjoy the full ICEBAR atmosphere whenever you are in town. Simply make your way to the Stockholm train station to find it and marvel at its simplicity contrasted with the hectic urban centre outside.


Oslo, Norway

Alternatively, you can check out the ICEBAR if you are in the bustling Norwegian city. With only a 60 person capacity, it’s recommended that you book in advance to make sure you get the most out of your ICEBAR experience, which is limited to 45 minutes. People of all ages are welcome but after 9pm it becomes an over 20 venue – so be sure to plan out in advance to avoid disappointment!


London, England

Make your way to Mayfair in London, England if you want to check out the ICEBAR in the United Kingdom, showing that you don’t need to travel all the way to Scandinavia to get the ICEBAR experience. That being said, if you think the ICEBAR is the way to go (and who wouldn’t?), you can easily find direct flights from Heathrow to Jukkasjarvi to check out the real thing for yourself, with packages including a few nights in the famed ICEHOTEL. Hurry though – because as soon as the temperatures rise, that’s the end until next season!


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