The Real USA

hotelWhen you have made the decision to drive across America, where do you actually start?  You could just get in the car and see where you end up, but in a country so vast, it is best to plan ahead.

There are many routed ways, which take you from the East Coast to the West or from the North to the South, but the journey I most enjoyed was the Oregon Trail, which totaled more than 3,000 miles. We finished our trip in Massachusetts but stayed at several great places on the way – some ordinary and some out of this world.  On average, we covered 300 miles a day – the longest we were on the road’ was 6 and a half hours – mainly due to getting lost at one point!

This gave us a chance to recover from the drive and to explore each town we stayed in  Americans are super friendly, especially outside of the city and it worthwhile chatting to them as they will tell you anything and everything – even gossip about the locals which make interesting anecdotes on your return home.

Doing the Oregon Trail, the sights of Niagara Falls and Yellowstone can be taken in.  The change of vista is breathtaking from the open panoramic scenes from where the journey starts to the small, idyllic villages outside of Wyoming and Mississippi. To get to the final destination, it is necessary to cross the Mississippi. This is by no means an arduous task as the river is stunning in her diversity.

Before we started our American Adventure, we decided not to pre book hotels etc.  This added to our excitement and made us have more contact with the locals in each place we stayed, as we had to ask around for accommodation.  I would not travel this way alone, nut with a companion, it was an experience not to be forgotten.

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