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How to Fall in Love When You Travel

Fall in LoveAlthough serendipity plays a major role in anyone’s falling in love, but travel and the romantic feelings that come with visiting new lands can significantly aid you in finding romantic interest if you keep some tips in mind.

The first and foremost thing to realize is that if you are traveling to a destination via bus, train or plane and another person is also traveling to the same place for the same reason, then you already have a lot in common. It also helps if the other person is traveling by himself/herself for it will be greatly convenient and even economical if your travel plans coincide after a while for the right reasons. As they say in all matters of love it always goes from eyes, to word, to the body.

When you find yourself attracted to someone while traveling, you already have an easy icebreaker to initiate conversation. The first time you speak to her/him should generally be about your travel and common interests. There is nothing that gets a conversation going like common interests and travel totally helps as both of you are in a relaxed frame of mind and have time on your hands. Talk about your reasons to come to that destination, what fascinates you about travel, and your and their plans for their future travels. Humor is essential and almost all women love a witty well traveled and fun guy, and as most of the time the guy will be initiating the conversation these things are key.

Hopefully during the day you’ll have another chance to speak, and try having a casual meal or coffee together. People who like each other know quite fast that they do, and with that comfort the ball can roll quite fast.

If there is a chance that the other person has different plans for the rest of the day, take the lead and invite them to some other attraction in that city/neighborhood the next day. If the other person is interested they’ll definitely take the lead. Once by yourself the same day or next you can have a lot more to say and can even share your attraction for her along with some generous gestures like paying the food bill or the travel tickets on that day. Also, you must understand that normal rules of dating are all but gone when traveling together, there is no three day waiting period after the first meeting and even being straight forward about you feelings after just one or two meetings can actually be considered quite attractive as time is a constraint.

Hopefully after one or two private meetings you both will develop a deeper liking for each other; the travel itself will start looking a lot more fun and fulfilling and can lead to a high probability of the relationship deepening very fast. You may find yourself spending the next few days just as a couple and it can be great for both and at this point you can start sharing expenses and even bring up the idea of the two of you spending the rest of the journey together as a couple. Hopefully the whole experience of traveling all over the world to see new lands will turn into a joyful romantic

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