How to Find Cheap Flights

flightWith so many flight search engines online nowadays, you shouldn’t be weary of finding the best flight prices. It’s easier than you think. Anyone with an eye on the money in their pocket can do a little more research to save it from being emptied. If you are looking for some tips on how to grab a serious bargain follow these 5 key ways to find cheap flights.

1. Be Flexible
Flexibility is the key to finding cheap flights. If you can travel on a weekday you will increase your chance of finding a cheap flight. If you can fly mid-week it may work to your advantage. Weekends are the busiest time for travel as this is when a lot of people have free time. This peak period tends to run from Friday to Monday. So if you have the ability to compare certain days instead of the typical Friday-Sunday, then you will save yourself some money.

2. A Little Forwards Planning Goes A Long Way…Book Early
A little forward planning willl no doubt help your pocket too. If you are serious about finding a cheap flight the earlier you start the process the more savings you will see. Airlines tend to release the cheapest prices first. As the flight fills up, the price increases. Think ahead if you want to secure a cheap flight. Another tip: Airlines often release their prices during the week so it also pays to book your ticket on a Tuesday or Wednesday.

3. Non-direct flights – A Little More Time, A Little Less Money
It’s definitely worth your time to look into flights that have stop overs. This can reduce the price of your ticket drastically, as long as time is not of the essence. Just make sure you have a good book.

4. Look At Different Airports
Another way to get that cheap flight is to look at alternative airports. Often a major city will have more than one airport, so it is worth your time to investigate. If one of the airports are further away from the city centre, booking to that airport can provide you with some serious savings. There are often trains and subways into the city as well, making the process less painful. In many cases the savings that you make on that cheap flight will more than cover the extra ground transportation required to reach your final destination. Do your homework on this one.

5. Book One-Way Tickets
Once upon a time buying a return ticket was the cheapest way to travel. Well, times have changed. Airlines now price a single ticket at roughly half the price of a return ticket. So, for all you savvy travellers out there, make sure you investigate the price of a single ticket, because it might be easier on your pocket to combine flights from various airlines.

So, now you have read these key tips to finding cheap flights, your mind should be firmly trained to grab a bargain. It will take a little research on your part, but you will definitely reap the rewards and, who knows, you may even be able to fund another flight to an exciting new destination with all the savings you make. Use these tips and your wallet will thank you.

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