Jealousy in Long Distance Relationships

jealousyJealousy is the biggest drawback in long distance relationships. Though not all people go through it, the fact is that many people who are engaged in distance relationships have to deal with jealousy at one point or another. This jealousy is so common among people in distance love but can be dealt with if you accept it as a reality. However, there are many people who go through it in denial. Many people who are engaged in long distance relationships report that this jealousy almost ruined their relationships. Though many people know all the tips about how to fall in love abroad, they are not psychologically prepared to deal with this jealousy. You may have all the tips on how to fall in love abroad but unless you know exactly how to deal with this jealousy, it is all going to be an exercise in futility.

As such, it is important that you learn how to counter jealousy while in a distance relationship. The best point to begin tackling this negative emotion is talking about it. Though it could sound awkward admitting that you are jealous, there are other more subtle ways of approaching this delicate matter. Whichever way you approach it, it is a beneficial step to talk about it than letting it eat you from inside without accepting that you are feeling it.

To avoid feelings of jealousy, it is important that you keep yourself busy. Delving into hobbies and participating in some involving activities will keep your mind occupied. These will consume much of your thinking. Instead of having your thoughts dwell upon your lover in the other corner of the world, you will be engrossed in those activities. As such, you will not keep on wondering what your lover is doing all the time as is the case with many people. Many people who are engaged in long distance relationships report that engaging in hobbies helped them in a big way as far as keeping off negative emotions of jealousy is concerned. Others opine that it even helped them build their confidence.

Another way of overcoming jealousy in a long distance relationship is confronting your own insecurity. Relationship experts have shown that the common root of feelings of jealousy that we feel when we are in love with people who live abroad stem from our own feelings of insecurity. The fact is that you are not jealous about your boyfriend’s coworker but feeling insecure about yourself. It is important that you work upon your confidence and built it. After all, you are not like anyone else. You are unique and amazing.

Other people are so concerned about how to fall in love abroad while forgetting the anxiety that comes with it. For you to manage a long distance relationship you have to learn how to manage your anxiety. Research has shown that if you work on the issues of personal insecurity you are most likely going to succeed in long distance relationships. Many of the things that ruin relationships are often outside the actual relationships. If your partner has feelings of jealousy, you should not allow yourself to become mad about it. Do not allow them to make you lose your head.

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