Journey to a Holiday Destination in Style

These days there are several ways you can travel to the country you are visiting on your holiday. In fact, I think that how you journey there can often be as exciting as the getaway itself. Here is my selection of the top ways you can travel in style.



Taking a cruise is perhaps the most stylish way to travel short of hiring a private jet to your idyllic location, even if you opt for budget tours like cheap P&O cruises. I love cruises because they enable the journey to be as much an important part of the holiday as exploring the final destination is.
Ships are jam-packed with attractions and you’ll have an abundance of things to do on them. You can typically find bars, pubs, theatres, nightclubs and even casinos if you fancy your chance of winning something on your holiday.

They aren’t just great for the evening, though, and there are lots of facilities that are ideal for the daytime too. These include swimming pools, cinemas, libraries, spas, gyms, shops, saunas and sports amenities. I like nothing better than hanging up my gym kit for a couple of weeks in the sun, but if you love to stay active, you could attend dance classes, play tennis or practise your swing with golf nets and simulators.

One of my favourite things about going on holiday is that you not only get to sample delicious food from around the world, but you can also enjoy dinners out every night of your getaway. Well, on a cruise, you can do both. More often than not, there is a wide selection of restaurants aboard a ship, so you can enjoy visiting different eateries on your trip.


Another stylish way to travel is by train. Now, if you’re used to taking a train to work like I am, this might not sound terribly exciting – but there are far nicer automotives than the ones we’re used to on our commute.

You could take the Blue Train, for instance, if you’re planning to go to South Africa. This gives you the chance to journey through the country in luxury, feeling as though you have returned to a bygone era where you can sit in an elegant lounge enjoying beautiful views of the country’s landscape during the day or after your evening meal. You can have a fine dining experience, eating in a formal setting where men have to wear a jacket and tie and ladies a fancy frock. After lunchtime, you can also have traditional afternoon tea in the lounge.

What’s more, you can banish any thoughts of you sharing a tight room to sleep at night, squeezing yourself on small bunk beds, as the Blue Train has luxury suites allowing you to have comforts like baths, double or twin beds and a private digital entertainment centre – which is perhaps the only thing that isn’t reminiscent of its Victorian heritage.

If you fancy exploring more of British Columbia in Canada you can hop on the Rocky Mountaineer train, which is renowned for offering great views of the famous Rockies. The train itself journeys to several locations, including Vancouver, Seattle, Whistle and Vancouver Island. With this trip, the more luxurious service you opt for, the more memorable your adventure is likely to be.

This is because if you book the Gold Leaf Service, for example, you can travel in a carriage with a glass roof, enabling you to enjoy views of the tree and mountain scenery above you as well as to your side. It also offers what looks to be an amazing menu, with likes of black tiger prawns and Albert beef ribs offered for lunch.

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