Late Summer Holiday in Bali

The summer is winding down but there is still time to get in that late summer holiday that you’ve been working so hard for all year. It’s time to leave all your cares behind, pop over to London, Heathrow Airport and get ready for a dream holiday in Bali, Indonesia.
Bali is an adventure you probably won’t ever forget. Regardless of whether or not you want to go there because of an interest in the area’s history, for an exciting outside sporting extravaganza, or just to relax, you’re in for a treat. You can go canyoning at the Gitgit Waterfall, or check out the Tirtha Empul Temple, for starters. To make matters even simpler, it is actually very easy to plan a trip to this area. You may want to adhere to the following directions, but there also could be some more efficient travel plans on Expedia, depending on where you’re traveling from.
The flight from Heathrow will take you directly into Denpasar, Bali, where you can start your dream holiday. This large, south Bali city is known throughout the world for its beauty and the rich culture of its natives. The warm and welcoming locals will direct you to the many temples, palaces, museums and breath-taking sites that the city has to offer. The avid shopper will enjoy touring the silk shops and perusing the beautiful, colourful fabrics. Though Denpasar is a busy place, for the visitor it can seem like time is standing still as you wander the streets, chat with the residents, shop in the many shops and enjoy the Indonesian cuisine.
The great thing about Bali is that the pace varies from town to town quite dramatically. From Denpasar many visitors travel to Jimbaran Bay—a very popular beach town and fishing area. This is one of the most beloved beaches on the island, and for good reason. Not only is the beach lovely, but the fresh fish is delicious and fantastically affordable. A tight budget need not prevent you from enjoying fresh lobster grilled right on the beach. No need for a wetsuit with water temperatures perfect for swimming.
While there are some vacationers who prefer to stay and enjoy the sweet life in a luxurious resort on the beach, others get a thrill from exploring the true culture of this Indonesian island. The heart of Bali lies in the town of Ubud. This village is not at all grandiose in appearance or stature, but rather a humble, culturally-rich and highly-interesting destination. Set against the thick, green jungles and beautiful mountains, Ubud is a place of spiritual renewal for many people. There are many temples and religious activities happening all the time. The people are quite welcoming and visitors will often be allowed to participate in religious services. If you plan to visit the temples, prepare ahead of time by packing a sarong and sash, as they are traditional dress for worship in Bali.
While Denpasar is filled with big, booming shops and malls, Ubud offers a much more personal shopping experience. Craftsmen and artists present their homemade goods for sale at unbelievably reasonable prices. This is the place to go to shop for gifts to take back to those who couldn’t join you on the trip. These treasures are handcrafted and beautifully made, sometimes right before your very eyes. Outside of the village there is plenty to see, experience and feel as one views the peaceful rice paddy fields and serene landscape.
Bali is a holiday you will never forget. Whether you come for the luxury of oceanside resorts or to experience the culture of a deeply spiritual and warm people, Bali welcomes you and will forever be in your heart.

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