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The List of Superior Things to See in Bangkok

Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand. It is one of the best holiday destinations known for the ornate shrines and the street life is so vibrant. The place has the boat-filled Chao Phraya River and you would be amazed to see the network of the canals. If you are a part of Bangkok Travel, you would be destined to see places like Rattana Kosin royal district. Here you can witness the magnificent Grand Palace.

Bangkok Travel

As part of Bangkok Travel, you can even visit the sacred Wat Phra Kaew Temple. There is even the Wat Pho Temple with the touch of special elegance. Here you can see the perfect statue of Buddha. It is best to walk up through the steps and reach the Khmer-style spire.

  • Grand Palace

In Bangkok, you can admire the view of the Grand Palace. This is one of the major historical attractions to include as part of Bangkok Travel. The décor of the royal compound is just stupendous. The structures of the palace are beautiful and exemplary.

Bangkok Travel

This is the home of Wat Phra Kaeo and this houses the Jade Buddha. Bangkok Travel is an opportunity for you to have a visit to the magnificent city. However, you should dress with modesty when entering the palace.

  • Wat Arun in Bangkok

In Bangkok, you have the most famous place to visit known as Wat Arun. This is sort of the triumphant complex, and it dates back to the ancient battles between Burma and Siam. Wat Arun makes a part of superior Bangkok Travel and it is known to be the famous Temple of the dawn.

The later King built the Royal Palace and the chapel close to Wat Arun. It is great to move to the top part of the prang to have the best view of the sunset. This is a special inclusion in the list of Bangkok Travel.

  • Wat Suthat

In Bangkok, you have the destination of Wat Suthat. This lies next to the Great Swing. This is the most beautiful and the decorative Buddhist Temple. Three kings together made the structure of the temple. When planning for Bangkok Travel it would be great to have a visit to this place.

It is great to enjoy the exemplary view of the temple. Once you are a part of Bangkok Travel you should make sure to visit the temple of the superior type. However, the construction of the Temple started just after the coronation of Rama.

  • National Museum & Wang Na Palace

When planning for a superior Bangkok Travel, one should not deny the view of National Museum & Wang Na Palace. This is the perfect sightseeing item you cannot miss out from the list. This is the most famous temple in Bangkok for its massive and dedicated collection.

Bangkok Travel

Bangkok Travel is just fantastic. The National Museum & Wang Na Palace makes a perfect part of the Thai History. At the palace, the visitors can view the Regalia. There are more things for you to enjoy the ceremonial and the religious artifacts. There are some of the best items to view and the list includes ceramics, games, weaponry, and musical instruments.

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