New York’s Main Attractions


Now there are plenty of pieces of travel writing that will lead you towards the more esoteric and nuanced sides of New York City this blog is not going to be one of them. What I want to do here is direct you towards the most common sites in New York so you don’t miss out on seeing them. Sometimes when heading for the caviar of a city and those secret in the know spots you miss out on the meat and potatoes. These are the must see attraction for any visitor, especially first time visitor to New York City.


Empire State Building

The iconic, and once tallest, building in New York City the empire state building is still a regal and fantastic location to look over the city and see Manhattan’s wondrous skyline. This building was also, in its day, the lap of luxury so also enjoy the charming interior when you come here to see New York’s most famous sky scrapper.

Statue of Liberty

As the United States and France once fought, near the same time, for freedom in their countries during the French and American revolutions of the late 18th century, the Statue of Liberty is Frances gift and reminder of that shared struggle. Located near Ellis Island, the historic immigration area for people coming to America, the Status has long stood as an enduring symbol of freedom and the opportunity for people to build a better life for themselves.

New York
New York

Grand Central Station

Both the hub of New York transit and an enduring tourist and architectural attraction Grand Central station in his chaotic energy is a must see aspect of being in New York. Perhaps, it would be best not to come near rush hours – but then again seeing the utter energy and frenzy of New York in motion has intrigue as well. Grand Central is a great example of Beaux Arts architecture.

Rockerfeller Center 

Most people have seen the famous New York Christmas tree, the one that reaches stories and stories up…, and the huge skating rink in winter both of these places are inside Rockefeller Center. Not just a square Rockfeller center is also a great hub for shopping and dining and also houses the iconic Radio City Music Hall.

Central Park 

Admist the hustle and bustle of New York is beautiful central park in the middle of Manhattan. Almost like an oasis in the hectic activity going on around it, Central park is a great place to enjoy a picnic, a boat ride, or just a walk amongst trees and grass away from the concrete jungle.

Beyond the locations that have been mentioned any trip to New York also needs to have some exploration of its world class museums and galleries. Be sure to spend time checking out the Metrpolitan Museum of Art, the Museum of modern art, and the American Museum of Natural History.

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