November Holidays Around the World


November is the last month in the year before the big finale that is December and all that comes with it. In some parts of the world, November is when you see the most dramatic change in weather during autumn, heading towards cooler temperatures, or when spring finally seems to have arrived in the southern hemisphere. For much of the northern world, November can be a pretty boring time of year – but it’s a great time to travel as many people have already used up their holidays or are just holding on until whatever time off they get in December.

Keep in mind too, there are many holidays celebrated around the world in November and if you happen to be in any of these countries during November, be sure to check these celebrations out!

Independence Day

Nov. 1 – Antigue and Barbuda

Nov. 3 – Dominican Republic, Ecuador and Panama (from Spain)

Nov. 11 – Angola

Nov. 18 – Morocco

Nov. 22 – Lebanon

Nov. 25 – Suriname

Nov. 28 – Albania, Mauritania and Panama (from Columbia)

Nov. 30 – Barbados

Ataturk’s Birthday (Turkey)

Falling on November 10th, Ataturk was given this name (literally meaning Father Turk) for his service to the country and as Turkey’s first leader. The celebration of the man’s life is a big deal in the country as pictures of him can still be found throughout government buildings and in private residences, banknotes and many other places. It is even against the law to besmirch his good name, so be sure not to do anything to insult his memory.

If you find yourself in Turkey on November 10th, be sure to be alert and respectful at 9:05 AM, as it is as this time when the country stands in remembrance of his death for one minute, including traffic and pedestrians.

Prince Charles’ Birthday (U.K.)

Maybe not such a big deal now and if you don’t live in the commonwealth, but one day it is very likely that Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales, will be King of the British realm, possibly making it a public holiday. The nature of this day may change once he is king, but for now celebrations are relatively low key depending on the crowd.

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