Ocean Sports to Try When in Australia

Australia is known as the land Down Under – a land of sun, sea, and adventure. When it comes to visiting this magnificent country, there are a few things you must try, like skydiving, bungy jumping, and abseiling. However, what Australia is really famous for is its water sports. From water-skiing to surfing, there is no shortage of ways to get active in the ocean; here are the best ocean sports to tackle when you’re down in the Southern Hemisphere.Water-skiing
Much like regular skiing, water-skiing is a surreal feeling that you’ll absolutely love. Once you’re up on your skis, gliding across the water, you’ll be hard-done to imagine any place in the world where you’d rather be. Water-skiing is also great for your balance and your core strength, as it takes plenty of energy to stay upright on those skis!Wakeboarding
Similar to its water-skiing counterpart, wakeboarding is another water spot that is tough on your body but rewarding at the same time. Instead of using two skis, wakeboarding is almost like surfing while being attached to a boat: you ride the wake and can even hop around and do tricks while being pulled along.Surf life-saving
Surfing is one thing, but surf life-saving is another. It’s exactly as it sounds: you combine surfing with lifesaving skills in order to be best equipped to help others while at sea. Already a competitive sport in many countries, surf life-saving is hard on your body but will give you countless advantages if you’re ever in harsh surf terrain. However, make sure you have some foundations in surfing before you try surf life-saving, otherwise you’ll be caught in the deep end and will struggle to learn the movements and stay afloat – literally!White-water rafting
Australia has a host of white-water rafting destinations: from North Queensland to Victoria, there are endless white water rivers for you to traverse. If you’re unfamiliar with the sport, many adventure tour companies have white-water rafting courses that you can undertake with a qualified professional; for the more adventurous, you can book in your own team and explore the currents on your own. For white-water enthusiasts, Cairns is your place of choice; for a more controlled environment, Sydney’s Penrith Whitewater Stadium is where you want to be.

Beach Yoga
While you can do yoga indoors with local gyms like Fitness First, nothing quite compares to stretching your limbs against the golden sunlight with the cool water lapping at your feet. Beach yoga is one of the most relaxing ways to start off your day, and with the abundance of beaches in this country, you’d be crazy not to give it a shot.

Lisa Humphrey is a writer who absolutely adores beach yoga and white-water rafting. She’s currently planning her next trip to Cairns for a rafting adventure!

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