October Holidays Around the World


October is a wonderful time of year. Summer has come and gone and those hot, often unbearable nights (especially if you don’t have air conditioning!) are a distant memory. The minimalist approach to clothing is replaced by dressing in layers and it makes for a great time to grab a warm beverage and go for a stroll in nature. It’s also not surprising to discover there are a number of holidays held in this month that make for great additions to any travel itinerary.

Take a look at some of the October holidays that are celebrated around the world. These are important to consider when planning a trip because they could mean an amazing experience if you get to take in the festivities – or everything being closed and crowds overwhelming your plans.

Independence Day

There are a ton of countries that gained independence in October and you can be sure these days are filled with much celebrating and positive energy in the air. Be forewarned though, this may also mean many of the services or businesses that are normally opened may be affected by the activities and celebrations, so be sure to research ahead of time.

Oct. 1 – Cyprus, Nigeria, Tuvalu

Oct. 2 – Guinea

Oct. 4 – Lesotho

Oct. 9 – Uganda

Oct. 15 – Bosnia

Oct. 24 – Zambia

Oct. 27 – Turkmenistan, Saint Vincent


Oct. 2 – Gandhi’s Birthday (India)

The man whose name is synonymous with peaceful protest and respect has his annual birthday bash on October 2nd in India and is one of three officially declared national holidays in the country. Known as Gandhi Jayanti, Mohandas Gandhi was born in 1869 and this day is held in high respect both in his home country and abroad. The United Nations observes this day as the International Day of Non-Violence, so do your best to be at peace will all of those around you on this day!

Oct. 3 – Foundation Day (South Korea)

Known as Gaecheonjeol in Korea, this day marks the time in Korean mythology that Hwanung descended from the heavens to live with humanity. By modern standards, it’s a time of national rest and celebration, beginning what is mostly a whole week off for the country and concluding with Hangul Day on October 9th, celebrating the creation and adoption of the Korean language and alphabet. Koreans often go on vacation during this time so don’t be surprised if some things are busier than usual or even deserted!

Oct. 31 – Halloween (many places)

While not an official holiday per se, Halloween is a time of costumes, parties and children going door to door for candy. In many cases, Halloween has more parties than official holidays do! Observed most heavily in Canada and the U.S.A, Halloween celebrations can be enjoyed in parts of Europe and even Asia, although it is met with peculiar hostility in Australia. They’re missing out!

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