Places to Visit in Ghana


flightsHeaderGhana is one of the most dynamic and exciting of Africa’s nations. Politically stable, it offers a safe portal for tourists to connect to some of the excitements that the African continent has to offer. Ghana has a variety of beautiful beaches, national parks, and the vibrant capital of Accra. A few suggestions for places to visit while in Ghana include:

Accra, Ghana’s Capital

A look through the vibrant city of Accra will highlight a diverse city with a mixture of modern buildings, lively markets, shanty towns and even castles. Of interest to see is the thriving Makola Market that literally sells anything that you could imagine; the National museum which describes Ghana’s culture and history including the slave trade between North America, and finally the many beautiful beaches nearby.

Cape Coast Castle

The Cape Coast Castle was built in 1637 by the Dutch as a centre for their then slave trade. Changing hands between the Dutch, the Swedes, and finally the English Cape Coast Castle eventually became England’s colonial head quarters until 1877. In modern times the castle has been refurbished into an excellent museum about Ghana and its connection with the trans Atlantic slave trade.

Kakum National Park 

Kakum National Park is tropical rain forest in the south of Ghana. This forest is home to a variety of larger mammals, including forest elephants and forest buffalo, and more than 250 species of different bird life. One of the highlights of visiting Kakum is the Canopy Walkway which is 30 meters above the forest floor. The walk way provides a unique perspective to see Kakum wildlife in their natural habitat.

Kokrobite Beach

The most popular beach in Ghana, of which there are many great ones to choose, is Kokrobite Beach. An interesting attraction near to the beach is the African Music and Art Academy which attracts many of the best drummers and dancers in the world. There are accommodations available right at the academy. For fun on and around the beach check out Big Milly’s Backyard and enjoy their friendly bar and restaurant.


Kumasi, the second city of Ghana with around 1.5 million residents, is situated in the South of the country in what is called the Ashanti Kingdom. This city is famous for producing interesting golden jewelry and other wears. Explore the cultural past of the Ashanti Kingdom at the National Culture Centre perhaps even see the present Ashanti  King during one of his meet and greets, which he does once every 42 days, at the Manhvia Palace Museum. While in Kumasi also visit the bustling Kejetia Market which is intriguing just to witness the chaos there alone.

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