things to do in Rwanda

The Places to Visit and Admire in Rwanda

Rwanda is a wonderful African country. It is known to be the landlocked Eastern African place with lots of specialties. You can see green everywhere along with mountainous landscape. There are ample things to do in Rwanda and is one of the terrific holiday destination ideas. On the mountainside, there are golden monkeys and gorillas. Inside the Park, you find the 4,507m-tall Mt. Karisimbi.

things to do in Rwanda

There are more things to do in Rwanda. The position of the place is fantastic. One can visit the forested volcanoes. In the southwest region of the Nyungwe National Park, the visitors can find the montane rainforest. This is a special staying ground for the chimpanzees and the other kinds of primates.

  • Kigali Genocide Memorial

In Rwanda, you can decide to see the Kigali Genocide Memorial. This is one of the best things to do in Rwanda. Just within a span of hundred days, around one million Tutsis and the moderate Hutus were being butchered by the reckless Interahamwe army.

things to do in Rwanda

There are some of the trusted things to do in Rwanda. The memorial will honor the counted 250,000 people being buried in the mass graves. At the place, you can even see the excellent exhibition. Inside the exhibition, things are explained in details regarding the 1994 genocide.

  • Volcanoes National Park

Among the various things to do in Rwanda, one can make sure to visit the Volcanoes National Park. The park is located in the Nyungwe Forest area. You have the best of activities to pursue at the place. The Park is indicated as the most important area highlighting biodiversity.

Among the things to do in Rwanda, it is real pleasure to be at the National Park which is given priority for the reason of African Forest Conservation. The Park is known for the reason of biodiversity, but still, it lacks popularity in the real sense. Most of the tourists are unaware of the area, and they should be guided by the people out there at the place.

  • Ethnographic Museum

There are the finest things to do in Rwanda. As part of the list, you can have an easy visit to the Ethnographic Museum. This is an outstanding museum and it was gifted to the city by Belgium in the year 1989.

things to do in Rwanda

When listing down the things to do in Rwanda, it is imperative to be at the museum. The building of the museum is beautiful and exemplary. People come to Rwanda to have a look at this special edifice.

  • Murambi Genocide Memorial

As part of essential traveling, it is important to consider the things to do in Rwanda. A visit to the place will take you to the site of Murambi Genocide Memorial. It is known that the satellite town of Murambi bears testimony of the horrors concerning the 1994 genocide.

things to do in Rwanda

A visit to the place is one of the essential things to do in Rwanda. Due to the incident, the refugees flocked to the place of Murambi to the area of the incomplete technical college. The college building was considered safe for the refugees. This was just a ploy and on the date of 21st April the moved into the college and killed around 27,000 and 40,000 people. In fact, the incident of brutal slaughter makes the place so memorable.

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