Planning a City Break: Perfect Winter Destinations

Winter can be an ideal time to take a city break.  Because fewer people tend to go on vacation during the colder months, travel companies offer outstanding deals to entice customers.  This brings prices down on both hotel rooms and airplane tickets, bringing far-flung cities into the realm of the truly affordable.  To get the most out of a winter city break, however, it’s essential to pick a perfect winter destination.  These European cities definitely don’t disappoint.


Vienna, Austria

Vienna is beautiful any time of year, but it can be especially appealing during the colder months when the city’s many historic cafes beckon tourists inside to enjoy a steaming cup of strong Viennese coffee.  Although guests are welcome to linger as long as they please with just a single cup, most coffee houses also provide delectable cakes and tarts that are difficult to resist and are every bit as elaborate and delicate as the Baroque buildings all around.

Zurich, Switzerland

Although winter vacations in Switzerland are famed for the ski slopes and winter sports, Zurich makes for an ideal city break.  The picturesque old town is a place filled with stylish boutiques and confectionery shops, selling delicious handmade treats such as pralines.  Other primary attractions in the city include the Landesmuesum, home to the best of Swiss art, and on a lighter note, the Zurich Toy Museum, which takes tourists on a journey to once again meet their inner child.

Malmo, Sweden

Malmo, the third largest city in Sweden, offers amazing sights such as the Turning Torso, the nation’s single tallest – and most twisty – skyscraper.  When not touring the bars, restaurants, and shops that line the city streets, tourists may want to take a drive across the Oresund Bridge, a route which will take them across the strait separating Sweden and Denmark and bring them into the city of Copenhagen.

Planning a winter city break

Winter city breaks may require a little more planning than summer vacations because airlines sometimes have “blackout” dates centered around Christmas and New Year’s Day.  During these time spans, prices may be higher than regular winter rates and it may not be possible to use frequent flyer miles or other incentive programs.  With careful planning, however, tourists can make sure that they schedule all flights on days that fall outside these blackout zones.

Hotels may not be completely booked during the winter, which means that booking ahead is optional.  Nevertheless, carefully researching lodging options in advance and making a firm reservation can sometimes ensure the best prices.

Why city breaks are becoming a more popular type of vacation

Many tourists are beginning to conclude that a city break is an ideal getaway.  It can be a simpler way to travel, since staying in a single city can often mean there is no need to worry about renting a car or driving in a foreign nation.  At the same time, major cities offer so much to do that tourists of all types can find plenty to suit them.  From amazing art and architecture to the chance to dine in some of the world’s finest restaurants, city breaks really are a way to “have it all.”

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