Albania tourism

Planning a vacation? Plan a trip to Albania

Very few people have heard about the name of Albania and fewer people know that it is a great tourist destination. It is one of the best holiday destinations available. Albania tourism is surely going to provide you with an experience that is worth remembering.

Albania tourism

In order to get an idea of the different places that are worth visiting here, you can go through the discussion that is given below:

  • Albania tourism provides you with the opportunity of seeing the ancient ruins

You get to see the ancient ruins and also the world heritage site declared by UNESCO. You also do not have to deal with crowds here because there are very few people who are actually aware of the fact that a place like this exists. Albania tourism will provide you with the opportunity of seeing even the 13th-century ruins.

Albania tourism

  • If you love castles then Albania tourism will be the ideal place for you

There are a number of beautiful castles present in this place. So if you want to see the Nancy Drew and the Cinderella castles then you can definitely visit this place. If you want to see the historical castles then you can definitely check out the castles here.

Albania tourism

  • You will get to see diverse geography here

When you go for Albania tourism then you will surely be able to enjoy the diverse geography here. You will get to see everything here starting from the mountains to the beaches. You can hire the services of a tourist guide and he will ensure that you do not miss out visiting some of the best places here.

Albania tourism

  • Bunkers in this place are also worth visiting

There was a time when Albania was ruled by a paranoid dictator. So there were as many as 700000 bunkers constructed as a defense mechanism during this period. Albania tourism will provide you with the opportunity to see these wonderful bunkers.

Albania tourism

  • The transport system of Albania is also excellent

The transportation system in Albania is also unique. If you opt for Albania tourism

Then you will be able to experience quite modern transportation system. You can travel in the rickety train system that stands at every border. If you want to take the primitive transport system then you can surely opt for the ferries. You will surely enjoy traveling around in this place.

Albania tourism

Albania tourism is something that surely should not be missed. This country has a royal history and there are a number of architectural buildings that you should not miss. When you are planning a trip then Albania tourism is surely something that cannot be missed. If you are planning to visit this place then a tour guide would be really helpful. He has a lot of knowledge about the place and so he will be able to help you to see some of the best places here. Since most people are still not aware of the existence of this place so you will not have to deal with crowds here. Alabama tourism is surely something that you should opt for today.

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