Play Golf While You’re On Vacation

There is nothing more rewarding than being able to relax at a resort after a busy month of work. But sometimes, relaxing alone is not good enough. You want to be able to stretch your body and see if you’re still the superstar that you always thought you were. And possibly the best way to prove that is by checking out the Club Med all inclusive golf vacations. Did you know that nowadays, you could do both? Yes! You can! Below are a few of the many resorts with golf courses which you can go to after a hard month’s work.

Notable Resorts With Golf Courses You Should Visit:

The Greenbrein : America’s Resort
Located at West Virginia, Greenbrein offers luxurious amenities and superior quality golf courses. Going there is easy, since it is located exactly at White Sulfur Springs, you could get there from the freeway or by train relatively quick. But let us talk about the highlight of Greenbrein. Their golf course. You notice only one thing per each hole, it’s that you will feel that no hole is ever the same. You will need to strategize your way into victory if you want to gain the upper hand and gain a great record. But if you’re not in for something serious, then you can just admire the wonderful view while you’re swinging your golf club with sheer bliss.

Four Seasons Resort : Punta Mita, Mexico
If you are looking for a great tropical adventure, then look no further but to go to Four Seasons Resort in Punta Mita, Mexico. Feel the authentic Mexican atmosphere. You will certainly feel relaxed knowing how they managed to mix local authenticity without sacrificing luxury. And the best thing about this resort is what else -their golf course! Each hole is situated in an island setting, which also means that while you’re playing on their course -you are also going in an adventure. Hear and feel the breeze flowing through your body as you play a nice relaxing game of golf. Just be warned though, because the course is situated by the sea, you will certainly need to calculate your wind.

Palmetto Bluff : Be One With Mother Nature
Palmetto Bluff is the best place to be if relaxing is more of your thing. Located at South Carolina. You are already given the idea that its course is meant to give you a warm feel, somewhat soothing for that matter. Once you arrive at the golf course, you will be greeted by calming aura that is mixed with the challenging slopes of the course. The course will surely challenge the inner pro in you, but the view will also make you feel more in the zone, which is the perfect combination for a great vacation.

Summary: There are many more resorts with golf courses in the world, but the three listed above surely takes the cake. Because when you travel, you surely deserve to be given the best experience that you have always needed. And let me assure you that picking just one place from this list is simply not enough.

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