Rome, Paris or London?


In a hectic world people’s ability to travel is often limited. Sometimes tough choices have to be made about where you will take a trip on a limited timeline. So the question presented here, and answered by a traveler who has gone to all three places, is where to choose between Rome, Paris, and London if you could only go to one. In addressing this question the following criteria will be used aesthetic beauty of the cities, things to do, and the overall amount of fun each city offers. Once these factors are assessed a champion of these worthy cities shall be crowned.


In this category there really only are two competitors – Paris and Rome. London, as great of a city as it is lags behind the other two in terms of the sheer beauty of the capital. Paris and Rome battle on different playing fields as Paris has a more modern – formed in the2nd millennium appearance – compared to Rome’s ancient appeal. Rome blasted down by the side has white facades while Paris has a more colourful pallet as if generated from an impressionistic painting. Ten people may have ten different results, but subjectively the look of Paris had more appeal complete with its beautiful street cafes, book stores and restaurants.

Result: Paris

Things to do 

In terms of the sheer number of things to culture wise all three run neck and neck. London celebrates a half century running a world empire; Paris a monumental collection of art… and arguably art right on its streets; and Rome harkens back to antiquity with its monuments. In terms of the must see sites again the battle comes down to Rome and Paris; seeing the Louvere and Momartre contend with seeing the Pantheon and the Coliseum. In the end one must side with the actual traveling statistics, more people choose the cultural sites of Paris and so shall we.

Result: Paris


While readers may have felt that London was unfairly being sleighted, but that city makes up ground in terms of sheer fun. Having by far the best pub culture of the three, and perhaps the world, London is an uproarious place to go out on the town and always offers up cosmopolitan fun. In comparison Rome can seem a little like partying in a museum and Paris a little to stuffy. London hands down wins in the department of fun with its varied locations to go out: Soho, Camden, Acton, Angel, Bricklane…

Result: London


While it is closer than it would seem despite Paris winning two of the three categories, but Paris for an overall experience during the day and the evening is the place of these three to head to. Steeped in so much culture and sophistication the city emits a certain magic that you will have to experience to be able to understand.

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