Set your Sights for Florida

The United States of America is an enormous country with so much to see and do that it is impossible to see it all in one go. As a country whose mainland spans two oceans and extends from the tropics to the arctic, you might imagine some times of year are better to visit than others, particularly if you want a winter escape. Thankfully, there is one place that offers year round comfort and great things to do for all – and that place is Florida.

If you’re in the market for a holiday this winter, consider heading to this coastal state for a trip you won’t soon forget. You can find cheap holidays from Cosmos to cater to whatever you have in mind whether it’s taking the kids to see Mickey Mouse, hitting the links in January or basking in the heat of Key West. You really can’t go wrong with Florida – here are a few reasons why:

Great Weather

Known as the Sunshine State for a reason, Florida is perfect for anyone looking to escape the dreary winter weather of the UK or northern Europe. Depending on where you go in Florida, the weather can range from comfortably warm to tropical, but in either case you won’t be needing thick coats or gloves – even if the locals complain and find this time of year colder than the rest of it.


As a coastal state, Florida has some truly fabulous beaches that are great for catching some sun or enjoying the surf. Whether it’s on the Gulf of Mexico side of the west, the Atlantic Ocean in the east or all the way down in the Keys that border on the Caribbean, you’ll be able to find a spot of sand that lets all your stress drift away. With countless hotels along the shoreline, you can literally wake up to the ocean and have it lull you to sleep every night.


Florida is basically one giant playground for travellers of all interests and you’d be hard pressed not to find something incredible to do. Whether it’s surfing the waves or hopping in a boat, diving or skydiving, exploring the Everglades or the many hiking excursions, there’s tons to do to keep you entertained. In addition, golf should probably be the state sport if it were up to many a visitor, with more courses than you can shake a stick at!

Theme Parks

Sure, you can visit Florida without checking out the theme parks but that would be like going to Germany and not having a beer or not seeing a kangaroo in Australia. Known as the theme park capital of the world, Florida is home to Disney World, Universal Studios and countless other roller coaster, water and other theme parks that are a great way to spend the day or your entire trip. With many deals being offered all the time to attract visitors, it’s a great place to take the family at a reasonable rate.

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