Should You Take Your Relationship on the Road?


Travelling as a couple seems like a combination that was made to work together. You can have dinner together, cut down on accommodation costs by sleeping in the same bed – even have someone to talk to when you get super lonely! What could go wrong?

Well, a lot. Travelling as a couple is great for all those reasons but you should take a long hard look at your itinerary and ask yourselves a few basic questions before seriously starting to plan it, because it may be too late when you’re in your tiny double bed in Prague and you start to have second thoughts. Be sure to take these into consideration before the tickets are booked!

How Long Have You Been Together?

Every relationship is different – some people are great after a week, others are terrible after 6 years and it’s the trip that finally does them in. But mostly, if you’ve been together for roughly a year and you’re both thinking long term about things, chances are travelling together isn’t going to be a bad idea.

Have You Lived Together?

The only reason to consider this is because if you’re spending every second with each other, you’re going to have to be comfortable being in each other’s space. This includes the icky bathroom routines, less than stellar personal hygiene and okay if the other person snores. There are a lot of things about a person you figure out by living with them and it’s best to get those out of the way rather than on the other side of the world.

Does One of You Get Moody?

Maybe it’s you – hopefully you know it though. Moodiness happens, but be sure to know how to deal with it. Trips have tons of things that can go wrong, but if this causes one of you to be a pill for a period of time, it could drive a frustrating wedge between you.

Are You Both on the Same Page?

Taking a trip can be a big step in a relationship – are you ready for it? Maybe the person you’re travelling with isn’t ready to get serious – maybe you aren’t. This could send signals to them that they are ready to settle down and commit, but it’s not a shared sentiment. Have that super awkward talk before you book the tickets to avoid a super awkward trip.

If You’re Friends… Are You Sure?!?!

The number of people who do things together where one is interested in the other but the other one is oblivious or just teasing them is very amusing for observers but agony for those involved. Thinking that this trip will bring the two of you together or that ‘it doesn’t mean anything’ is just being naïve. Really think it through and decide if it’s worth it.

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