Some of the Top Beer Gardens in NYC

Anywhere in the world on a warm day, a big lavish beer garden is a welcome sight. Something about cold beer and warm weather goes hand and hand. Now transport all those feelings to a world class city like New York City and the ingredients are there for a wonderful day drinking session. There are a couple spots in the Big Apple that really throw out the red carpet and treat patio beer drinkers to a great time with great atmosphere and drink selection. A few of them include:


The Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden – 29-19 24th Avenue, Astoria 

This beer garden owes its name to being managed by the Bohemian Citizen’s Benevolent Society of Astoria. Running since 1910 the Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden has seating for 800 people to enjoy a warm day out in Astoria. Treat yourself to a plate of pirogues and a $15 dollar pitcher and you and your friends will be feeling pretty benevolent yourselves before long.

d.b.a – 41 First Avenue, East Village and 113 N. 7th Street, Brooklyn 

d.b.a is a Brooklyn beer garden that goes fairly low brow on the outdoor decor, with plastic white chairs and tables, so they can assert their efforts on having a fantastic beer and whisky selection. Friday night are great fun with the after work crowd slurping down one of the more than 60 beer options or the numerous tequilas on offer.

Radegast Hall & Biergarten

Right near to the Williamsburg hipster mecca Bedford Avenue the Radegast Hall & Biergarten provides an alternative to PBR. There’s no shortage of beer to choose from here for some sunshine drinking with more than 13 draught beers and 58 bottles. Grab a great Sunday brunch here, or enjoy their regular menu any time which includes a great French rib steak and Italian Papparedelle Primavera.

La Birreria – 200 Fifth Avenue

On top of Mario Batali’s Italian megamart as its roof top bar La Birreria caters to beer lovers that love massive selection. Three different brewmasters – Dogfish Head, Baladin, abd Del Borgo, have created three original ales all of which will be made in brew tanks right there by the customers. That is about as fresh as it gets!  Beyond that six ales and 30 different bottles round out the selection. Batali himself has seen to composing a mixed menu of varied small dishes. Come here rain or shine with La Birreria’s retractable roof.

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